Liam's Twin Sister

Harmony, Liam's twin sister, goes on tour with the boys for a year, a lot happens in this...strange year, including a little romance between her and Hazza.


2. It's Me, Or Him

The roads had been covered with snow during the night, so it took a while for the driver to take the lads and Harmony to the first concert spot. Harry was awfully close to Harmony the first night and was going to end up getting on Liam's bad side and bringing out his temper.

The next morning, Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tight to him. I pretended to be sleeping, but inside I was fangirling. He got up and went to go take a shower. I went in to hang out with the boys and we ate pizza for breakfast. "Okay." I said shrugging. Harry came out of the shower to join us, fully clothed, his hair still wet. He came behind me and sat on the table. He grabbed at my waist and pulled me to sit on his lap. I started blushing and smiling. Liam glared at Harry and had the worst expression on his face, it was a combination of anger, distrust, and a lot of protectiveness. "Harold what the hell do you think you're doing?! And with my sister?! I trusted you! I thought you were going to be different with her! But no! You have to have every single girl you can get, don't you?!" He yelled. Harry removed his hands from my waist and I stood up. "Liam it's not a big deal! Stop being so damn protective!" I yelled back. Harry put his hands on my shoulders,  and stood in front of me in case Liam got a little too mad. "Liam, it's nothing like that. I would never hurt your sister." Harry told him calmly. "How do I know that?! You have sex with a girl, then you kick them to the curb! How do I know you wouldn't do it to my sister?! My own flesh and blood!" He yelled back, not attempting to make his voice calm. I blushed when he was talking about sex, then I came back into the discussion. "Liam I would NEVER EVER do that to your sister, or to you mate." He told him reassuringly. Liam relaxed his posture and his face looked calmer. "I believe you." He finally told him. I looked at my brother with disgust for a minute, how could he even think Harry would do that?

I walked off the bus and into the cold. Harry followed me, his hair still soaking wet, dripping down his shirt. "Harmony, look, I understand why your brother is acting the way he is, I would act the same way if it was him with my sister." He said. "But we're not even a thing! And honestly I don't think we ever would be, so...." I told him, brushing my hair out my face. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and said, "Love, it's cold out here, come inside." I shrugged his arm off and started walking down the street. I needed to cool off.

When I returned, Harry was no where in sight. I looked at Niall frantically, "Where's Harry?" "He went looking for you after you didn't come back after fifteen minutes." He said. I looked at my watch. "I've been gone for over an hour?!" I waited for Harry for a little, then I finally saw his curls at the door. After we hugged, we laid around for a bit, then we made lunch for everybody. "AAAAHHHHH MOFO FOOD!" Niall yelled seeing the food we had prepared. We sat down and ate and then we watched Louis and Zayn fight because Louis had accidentally dropped Zayn's mirror. "Do you know what happened when my hair does not look absolutely perfect?????!!!" Zayn yelled at him. Louis tackled him to the floor, while Liam messed up his hair and Niall ate their food. Harry and I finally had to pull them apart before there was no hope left for Zayn's hair.

After hours of endless TV I decided to just hop in my PJs and lie in my bed. Harry came in and I laid against his chest. He looked at me with his beautiful green eyes and I could tell he was just eyeing at my breasts and my thighs. "Harry, take a picture, it'll last longer." "Okay." He said taking his phone from his pocket and snapping several pictures. I put myself on top of him and grabbed his phone away from his and deleted the pics and stuck it in my shirt. "If you ever want this back you'll just have to get it." I  told him. He did just that, he reached his hand down my shirt and grabbed it. "Well this is awkward." I said, looking at his perfect chest beneath my hands. He put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer. "Well since you're here..." He said, looking at me seductively. "In your dreams pretty boy." I told him smirking at his perfect face. Who am I kidding? I asked myself. I crushed my lips down on his and I grabbed his flawless face. He smiled under our kiss. "I knew I would break you." He said. His hands moved farther down and grabbed my butt. I giggled. "Harry..." He stripped my shorts off and then my shirt. "Relax Love." He told me. He rolled on top of me and I unbuttoned his shirt and traced the planes of his chest and abs. I then took off his pants and he smiled. "Why are your hands shaking? Are you nervous?" He asked me rubbing his thumb over my cheek. I nodded. He took off his boxers and then my panties. We got started and it was just absolutely wonderful until we were rudely interrupted....

"So, guys look, I just wanted to apologize for my actions earl-" Liam said bursting in. He looked up at us and he pulled Harry off of me and pinned him against the wall. "What the hell are you doing Styles?!" I covered myself with the blanket and walked over to Liam. I grabbed at his arm and said, "Liam it's okay, calm down." Then he turned on me. "No! It's not okay! Mom told me to keep you safe while you were with me, not get your virginity lost to Styles!" He yelled. Harry turned Liam around, "Look it's not her fault!" Liam punched him and then turned back to me. "Harmony, it's either me, or him!"

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