Liam's Twin Sister

Harmony, Liam's twin sister, goes on tour with the boys for a year, a lot happens in this...strange year, including a little romance between her and Hazza.


3. I Can't Choose

Liam was still steaming and had Harry pinned up against the wall and Harmony didn't know what to say.

"You can't make her choose." Harry told him. "I'm not able to choose. My brother or...well....whatever we are. Liam I'm sorry, but stop being so damn protective and let me do whatever I want. If I have sex, I have sex. If I don't, I don't. Liam it's not Harry's fault. So quit blaming everything on him and start thinking about the actions of your rebellious sister." I told him. Liam had to laugh at that. He still had a stern protective look on his face, so I flashed him to get him out of my room. "Alright, I'm leaving." He said covering his eyes. I laid back on the bed with Harry at my side. "Well...that was interesting." I told him. "I thought he was going to stab me." He said. "Hell would freeze over before I let you get stabbed." I told him. "Awwwee. So, tell me something." He said. "Anything." I said. "What exactly are we?" He asked. "Well, I just gave you my virginity so...I don't know." I told him. "Well, you wouldn't have had sex with me if you didn't like me." He said. "Harry Edward Styles, do you have a little crush on me?" I asked him. "Maybe. Have you looked in the mirror? You're fit. And well...Maybe I was the one who convinced Liam to bring you...." He told me. "Why Harold Styles, you aren't blushing are you?" I kissed the tip of his nose and giggled.

After weeks of long, exhausting concerts, Harry just was tired of dealing with the boys. He decided he was going to get away for a while with Harmony, just the two of them.

"Let's get away for a while." Harry said all of a sudden. "Like... Where would we go? And what about your concerts?" I asked. "All planned out. Not another concert for a week. Let's just go." He said. "I don't know Harry. You know how Liam is." I told him. "Don't tell him then." He smirked. I thought about it and I threw my clothes in a bag. He packed and I wrote a note: "Liam, by the time you read this, I'll probably already be in another state, but, I love you. Take care of the boys. We'll be back soon Leyum.

Love, your amazing sister Harmony

and Harry."

I left the note on my pillow and then we left. We headed for the airport. When we got there, I soon realized we were going to Hawaii.


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