Liam's Twin Sister

Harmony, Liam's twin sister, goes on tour with the boys for a year, a lot happens in this...strange year, including a little romance between her and Hazza.


4. Hawaii

Harmony and Harry sit side by side on the plane, her head resting on his shoulder. Harry enjoyed that. Their plane landed and they were finally free from the boys.

"I'll go get our luggage." Harry said, walking towards the conveyor belt. After Harry got our luggage, we quickly tried to get out of the airport before the paps caught onto us. Of course that wasn't going to be an option. Immediately crowds started to gather, as well as fans. I quickly dialed a limo driver and got us out of there. We made our way through the crowds and into our safe limo. As we rode to the hotel farthest away from the airport, Harry put his hand on mine. I smiled. "Harry what exactly are we?" I asked curiously. "We're whatever you want us to be." He said flashing a beautiful smile. I blushed and looked down.

We got to the hotel and I smiled. This was top-of-the-line, famous, richy rich hotel. We put our bags in the room and Harry wrapped his arms around me. "Would you like to go to the beach?" He asked smiling at me. I nodded and went into the bathroom to change into my bikini. "Harmony you look beautiful." He said looking me over. I looked up at him through my lashes with blushed cheeks. "Thanks. You look pretty good yourself." I said noting his fine abs and his amazing muscles. "Thanks." He said and looked down.

We swam all day long and tanned. I got sunburnt and was in quite an amount of pain. When we got back to the hotel, Harry came up to me and had me lay down with my backside up on the bed. He rubbed cool gel on my sunburn and it soon felt better. "Thanks Harry." I said after he rubbed it in. "No problem Love." He said flashing another perfect smile. Oh god why was his smile so elegant?

It was starting to get late, I had so much fun with him today. Hawaii is amazing. No interruptions...

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