The truth of you

A poem about truth in a deceiving world. This is my entry to the speeckless-competition, so please let me know what you think in the comments :-D


1. The Truth of you


You blame yourself,

And you blame those around you,

You see the trouble,

But do not notice the reason.


You tell you mind,

To all of those around you

You see the darkness,

But have no eye for the light.


You yell when angry

And punish your friends,

For the mistakes that you see

For the mistakes that you speak of.


You see the world,

But have no clue as to why - it moves against you


You speak, walk and talk

But you have forgotten - that looks do deceive

And you find yourself lost in a world where all is untrue


The only one who can reveal,

Is the one who can not blame, tell or yell

The one who can not deceive


When you look for reason, light and love,

Only silence tells the truth,


The truth of you



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