1D imagines

Just leave :

-name and guy and a little bout your self

Thnxs ♡♥


3. louis (Sam)

Imagine it's you birthday. Louis agreed to not do anything special.
But you know he'll do something anyway .. but hey! Who was complaining?
You guys both were at a water park.
Louis is trying to convince you to go on a big ride.

You: louis I don't wanna go.
Louis: but sam I wanna go!!
Louis starts making puppy faces and you cant say no to that face.
Louis: ill even hold you if your scared he say proudly.
You: ok ... I dont know how you convine me to go to these rides.
He laughs and grabs your hand.
WE'RE NEXT!! Louis yells so the whole park can hear him .
You giggle.
You guys are now on the ride.
You start getting nervous and scared.
You: im scared louis
Louis: come here sam
He wrapped his arms around you. He gives you a kiss on the cheek.
Louis: you'll live ! He says as the ride begins. You laugh.
The whole ride you were screaming. You look over at your crazy
Boyfriend and hes screaming and shouting and yelling the lyrics to
Live while were young.
You both get off the ride shortly.
Louis: lets get home love he say kissing your cheek.

*at home*

You: oh my- louis you didnt have to do this!
You look around yours and Louis house.
He set up a romantic dinner.
There were candles every where and you saw the cake on the counter.
It was so colorful and had everything you loved on it.
Louis: but I wanted to he says giving you a kiss.
Come on love, let's eat!
You laugh and walk over to the table.
You guys enjoy the night, the cake, and everything!
You soon fall asleep but before you do louis gives you a kiss on the cheek
And said happy birthday sam , love you! ♡
You smile and soon fell asleep.

HOPED YOU LIKED IT!! ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥
:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) ★☆ <3<3
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