1D imagines

Just leave :

-name and guy and a little bout your self

Thnxs ♡♥


2. harry (christine)

Imagine you are laying under the stars in harry's arm.
You guys were having a random conversation.

Harry: you know you're beautiful, right?
You: thanks.. thats sweet
Harry: no really your long dark hair and dark brown eyes.
Next thing you know it he's singing irresistible to you.
You: what do you like about me?
You ask being curious.
Harry: everything! I like how your outgoing, nice, funny, and also smart.
You smile widely.
You look up and see a shooting star.
You: Harry look a shooting star! What do you wish for??
Harry: I wish we can be together forever christine.
You guys share a passionate kiss and cuddle all night under the stars :D

I hope you like it!!!!!!! ♡♥♡♥ :-):-)
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