One Direction Imagines

This is a One Direction Imagine book and if you want an imagine with one of the boys just put your name and one of the boys name.


4. Kim With Liam

You were just sitting on the couch with your boyfriend Liam, watching movies. While you were the movie you saw Liam staring at you. "Liam why are you staring at me?" " Because you look hot." He moves closer to you and starts kissing you. When your both out of breath he stops and takes you up to your room bridal style. Once your in the room Liam closes and locks the door.

He grinned  as he stripped himself of his clothes, tossing them on the ground. you took your off slower, watching him ache for you.

“Lie down.” He commanded, slapping my ass as you climbed to the center of the bed. you winced at the initial sting but did as he said, spreading myself out in the eagle position. He moved slowly, tying your hands and feet to his bedposts, securing them so you didn’t move.

He took his time teasing you, running his long fingers over your sides, his tongue trailing down your stomach. He grinned, watching you itch for him to be inside you, your face contorted as you bit your lip, shutting your eyes as you tried to hold back your moans.

He grimaced at you, sliding his cock into you slowly. you whined, attempting to push yourself farther onto him regardless of your restraints. As he stretched ever part of you. you settled, knocking your head back as it felt as though he was in your gut.

Teasing you further, he refused to move any, grinning as you twisted and turned in front of him, hoping for a little action. Without warning he started to move his hips back and forth, roughly slamming into you as hard as he could. you screamed out, your throat growing sore. Even though he was putting me through so much pain at the moment, the pleasure was overbearing. you climbed the latter to orgasm, coming back down loudly, dramatically as he released inside me.

He pulled out, looking over his work, his masterpiece, waiting until he caught his breath to untie you. you curled up in a ball automatically, your breathing contracting as he laid beside you, pulling your head to his beautifully carved chest.

A few days later you find out that your pregnant. you tell Liam the good news and after 9 months you have a beautiful daughter named Sophie

(This is not my work. I got it from Tumblr. I only wrote the first 7 sentences)


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