Maddie Wright is one of you're snotty, rich popular girls that always gets what she wants, goes to parties and goes through boyfriends like that. But all of that changes when she meets Harry.


1. All Fun and Games

Maddie~"Ya, Jackson. We're over if it isn't obvious. Now leave my house. We don't want you at this party." I say to my ex boyfriend. He doesn't get it. I'm way out of his league. I mean look at me. I'm perfect. Wait, whose that curly haired boy? He is pretty hot. How come I haven't met him?"Hey. I'm Maddie Wright. The owner of this house and the host of this party. And who might you be?"

Harry~"Im Harry Styles and I'm not interested." I say. She is pretty hot though. But she can't just have me like that. She has to impress me. And so far I haven't seen her try.

Maddie~"Excuse me? Are you joking? Every guy would kill to be with me. And you are saying no before I said anything to you? Except my name? Who do you think you are?" Wow. He must think he is some celebrity or something.

Harry~"I think I'm Harry Styles.And I am. I'm a person not a dog. You can't get everything you want miss priss. You have to earn it."

Maddie~ "That's not what my daddy said. He said I can have anything in the world I want." What a little jerk.

Harry~ "We'll your daddy was wrong. And stupid for telling you that." I say. Wait, why did I just say that?

Maddie~"Smarter then you. Any smart guy would've kissed me by now. But you, no. You're just a little body who thinks he's cool but he's not.~"

Harry~ Now that hurt. I pull her against me and kiss her softly. "Happy now princess? I have to go. Heres my number. " He hands her a little paper with his number. As he is walking off he says to himself, "Woah that was good."
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