One Love

"I Know She's the one. I can feel it. Then again, I could be wrong.No.She is the Girl. My One love."


1. My One Love.

Ariana's Point Of View-

I walked through the front double doors of the school.Ready for the weekend ahead.I took in the nice, cool spring air breeze as i headed home.I went to turn the corner to my street, when i bumped into something, or someone that is.All of my books fell straight to the ground."Oh, I'm sorry!" I bent down to pick up all of the books and papers that now covered the sidewalk.He then, got down on his knees and started to help me."Thanks." I told him.


Justin's Point Of View-

"Welcome."i replied.I stood up and handed her the books. She then stood up as well,and smiled at me.I kept staring at her.I just couldn't seem to take my eyes of off her.Her big beautiful blue eyes seemed to sparkle.Her wonderful it, no she, was amazing. She probably thought there was something on her face, because she started to rub her hand over it. Searching for any kind of blemish somewhere."Don't worry there's nothing there." I reassured her.Her concerned face went away in relief."I'm Justin." I held out my hand and smiled.She then did the same. "Ariana"she replied with a big smile on her face."So umm...are you going to the party tonight?"I finally stuttered out."Yeah, the one at Drew's house." She told me."Yeah, that's the one." I said. I knew she went to the same school as me, so she had to know about it. Everybody was going. Then next couple minutes were sort of awkward.I didn't know how to tell her I wanted to go with her. I mean we  just met! But I knew there was something different about her. I could feel it. Then again, I could be wrong. No. She's the girl. My One Love.



Ariana's Point of view-

He was so cute! Those big brown,hazel eyes just made me melt! Snap out of it Ariana! You have a boyfriend. What was his name again? Oh I don't even want to remember! Although,he isn't as nearly as sweet, or cute as Justin.I starting clearing out all of my thoughts besides him. I came back to reality just in time to for him to keep talking." So..are you going with anyone?" He asked shyly. He put his hand behind his hand and started to run it through his hair. Back and forth,back and forth.It was so perfect. It was parted just the right way.I so desperately wanted to say yes, but i knew i couldn't. "Uh yeah. Actually i am going with my boyfriend, Blake and a couple of my friends." "Oh." His wonderful smile suddenly turned into a frown. He stared at the ground, as if not knowing what to say." If you want though-" I started. He looked up at me with hopeful eyes. "we could go as friends?" I asked. " I guess, sure." He definitely wasn't as happy as before, but not as upset as just moments ago.I wrote my number on a piece of paper, sticking out of my notebook, and handed it to him."Call me?" I asked. I gave him a big smile, hoping to make him happier.



Justin's Point of view

"Call Me?" She Asked. While giving me the biggest smile she could. I could tell she was trying to cheer me up and let me tell you. It was working. "Alright" i replied. "Great, Talk to you later!" She smiled and swiftly turned round. Her long beautiful hair following behind her, swaying in the light wind.I sighed pleasantly at the thought of her.Ariana. It was so beautiful, like her.I turned around and headed  for home. Thinking about just and only, Her.

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