18 year old Bella Parker had so many secrets that know one ever knew. She was frightened about telling someone, because it might ruin her life. But what will happen when she thinks she can trust one boy with these secrets, who might end up ruin her life.


1. Chapter 1

{ Author Note: Hello there fellow people of Movellas. Some of you may know my work, others may not. To the new ones I just wanted to say hi. I hope you enjoy reading my story. To the people that know my work I just wanted to say sorry. I haven't updated any of my stories in forever and I feel terrible. But that is going to change. this is probably going to be the only story I update on here and I hope you enjoy it. BTW I did change this a little from the first time I wrote it.} 


Tap! Tap! Tap!

I took a deep breath as I set the book I was trying to read down in my lap, and stood to my feet. There has been a tapping noise that comes and goes from my back window over the course of a few days. At first I just tried to ignore it, but now I am fed up. Its like someone is out there just trying to annoy so much. And I hope they are happy, because it worked.

My fingers ran through my long, red-brown hair, as I strode over to the back door where I assumed the noise was coming from. I slide the screen door wide open and stepped in the back yard. My whole body shivered as I stepped out into the cold autumn air. The sky was a steel-grey color, which caused this scene to become even more scary because there was no one to seen. Thus causing me to wonder what in the world that tapping noise I was hearing was. 

Right as I was about to turn and head back inside my warm house, something caught my eye. At first I thought I was just imagining things, but I looked more closely and saw it. To be more precise, I saw a human like figure run into our cabin that was in the forest of my back yard.

 My heart began to pick up a fast pace. No one has been in that cabin for ages. The last time I was in that cabin, was with my sister and we were both 9. Need I remind you that I am 18 now.

“Hey!” I screamed to the mysterious person who just ran into the small cabin. “Come back here!” I started to hesitantly make my way to the cabin and as I reached the front door, my hand grasped and turned the knob slowly. Then I lightly pushed the old wooden door open, and it made a loud creaking noise. I walked inside and left the door open behind me.

"Is anyone in there?" My voice came out slightly shaky as I stepped further inside the cabin. My eyes scanned the old, dusty, and slightly scary place for any sign of movement. But there was nothing to be  found.

“Calm down…”

 I held back a scream, as those two word echo from behind me. Biting down hard on my bottom lip, I forced my body to turn so I could see who the owner of those words belonged to.

“I won’t bite” A curly haired, 6'1, teenage boy said while leaning on the side of the door frame with one foot up behind him. His presences was actually very intimidating, and it was making me feel even more unsafe right now in this situation.

After studying the male figure in front of me for a few moments, I spoke,“who are you?” My voice sounded quiet and to be completely honest, terrified.

“I was going to ask the same question love” He said, with a small smirk beginning to form onto his lips.

My eyes widened slightly when I noticed his British accent after he had said that. I have never met a British person before so this was a first for me. I mean, yes I do have relatives from the UK, but my parents don't really speak of them that often.

“I’m Harry” His voice had interrupted my thoughts and I glanced up towards him.

“Okay, and what are you doing here ‘Harry’?” When I said that, he moved off of the door frame and started walking closer to me, and I noticed his green as the closer he got. Such a striking shade of green.

So I stepped back.

“I've been trying to see if someone lived in your house for the past week, ringing your door bell, tapping the windows, but nobody answered so I thought I might take a look around the house and I found this cabin” he said while walking around me in circles. My heart was racing very fast at this point, I had to face the fact that I was truly scared right now. And coming from me, that’s a lot because I’m quite a brave person.

“So that was you?” As I spoke, my words came out sort of trembling.

He stopped circling around me and paused while standing on the left side of my body. His head was facing forward but his eyes looked to the side at me. He had an unexplainable expression on his face.

“Are you Sam?” He finally spoke up after examining me from the side.

My heart kind of skipped a beat at the sound of my sisters name. One question was running through my head right now. How the hell does he know who my sister is?

“Umm…no, I am Bella, Sam is my sister,” I said with a ‘who are you!?’ look on my face

“She has a sister?” His voice was puzzled sounding.

“Yes?” I said with a ‘should I have said that’ face Then a small suspicious smirk came upon his face. What is he thinking about? Then he stepped in front of me and stared me straight into the eyes. I stepped back again.

“You’re afraid of me?” His deep, thick British accented voice asked while his mouth was still smirking.

“Should I be?” I asked looking up to him. Literally I had to look up because he was that much taller than I was. Then his smile went away and he stepped closer to me again…

I backed up a little but his strong hands grabbed my waist and pulled my body close to him. So close, there was no space between us. My heart was racing faster and faster and I was sure he could tell. He leaned down slowly to the side of my neck while still holding my waist and kissed my neck as softly as possible. I gasped and closed my eyes as his touch sent shivers down my spine and I tried my hardest not to lean my neck to the side because I knew he was going to think I liked what he was doing to me. Even though I sort of did. Then he whispered in my ear and said “Yes” as seductively as possible right before he let go of my waist. After he let go, I opened my eyes and he…. Was gone?

Gone, just like that.

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