I Would Never Do Anything To Hurt You

Skylar and Harry the perfect life together, the perfect relationship, perfect meeting, perfect everything! Except for the perfect ending. . . . Will Harry apologize for the biggest mistake of his life? Will Skylar forgive him? There's only one way to find out. . . .


4. Re-do

     After Skylar and Harry left the bowling alley, they decided to go to his apartment. When they got there they both sat on the couch in silence until Harry said something.

     "Im so sorry about that! I-" Skylar didnt like it when he blamed himself. "Its not your fault!" she said "Im just greatful that you came before he did anything else to me." Harry put his head down, but lifted it back up to look into Skylar's eyes. She slowly kissed him until he said something.

     "Are you hungry? I realized that you didnt get to eat since we left early." Skylar got kind of confused because that was out of nowhere, but she suddenly realized what she said and started craving her favorite. "Do you have anything to make a grilled cheese?" she asked politely.

     "I'll make it just the way you like it." he said before giving her a kiss on the cheek. He went into the kitchen while Skylar sat on the couch. She thought about how Austin wasnt really with his girlfriend. How he had followed her there. How he had found her. Was he tracking her or something? He could be watching her right now. The idea got her scared. All of a sudden, she didnt want to be in the room alone, so she went into the kitchen where Harry was putting her grilled cheese on a green and yellow striped plate, and he put his on a green and yellow polka-dotted plate. As they went into the living room to eat, an idea came across Harry's mind.

     "How about we make this a date?" he asked Skylar. "A date?" she asked. "How can we make this a date?"

     Harry went into the kitchen and traded the dirty, olive green table cloth for a clean, maroon table cloth. Then, he got out the choices of red or white wine and set out two wine glasses. After that, he put a lavender scented candle in the middle of the table and lit it. The smell instantly covered the room. Then, he took Skylar's grilled cheese out of her hand and led her to the table. He pulled out her chair for her and sat down himself.

     "Very impressive!" she said with a wide grin on her face. Then, Harry pointed to the wines and said in a fancy-waiter voice, "White or red?" she looked at him and bit her lip and asked "Do you have any champagne?"

     "Why of course I do!" he said in the same to. He went to the fridge and grabbed the bottle. He tried to open it but i wouldnt budge. When he finally managed to open it with it spilling all over him and Skylar.

     "I'm so sorry!" he exclaimed. "I didnt mean to! I-" Skylar didnt care that she had champagne spilled all over her. She actually giggled a little. She was just glad that she was with Harry. She leaned over and kissed him passionatley and there they stayed for what seemed like forever.



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