I Would Never Do Anything To Hurt You

Skylar and Harry the perfect life together, the perfect relationship, perfect meeting, perfect everything! Except for the perfect ending. . . . Will Harry apologize for the biggest mistake of his life? Will Skylar forgive him? There's only one way to find out. . . .


10. Publicity always works

     It was the next day. Skylar didnt eat at all yesterday, and she still wasnt feeling hungry. She got up and went downstairs in a purple t-shirt and pink yoga pants. As she was about to enter the kitchen, she felt another hand grab hers. She turned around and saw Harry right before her eyes. She was about to yank away but before she could, he dragged her into the car.

     "Where are we going?" said Skylar, in a scared voice. "You'll see soon." Harry said, keeping his eyes on the road.

     Before they knew it, they were in downtown. Skylar tried not to think about what had happened to her. She didnt want to cry in front of him. She felt weak whenever she did. Especially in front of him, the reason that she was heart-broken.

     All of a sudden, Harry parked on the side of the road. When he got out of the car, he opened Skylar's door for her right before she gave him a nasty look. After that, he opened the back seat door and pulled a bull horn out.

     "What are you doing?" Skylar asked. "You'll see in a second." said Harry. He stood on a park bench, turned the bullhorn on, and started talking.

     "Everyone, can I have youre attention please?" he asked. Surprisingly, almost everyone stopped and stared at him.

     "I have been married to this beautiful girl for four years now. Last night, I screwed up. I got drunk and stupidly slept with another girl. But that doesnt change the fact that I am in love with Skylar." he said, pointing to her. "I have never made a mistake so big in my life, I feel terrible. I would do anything for her to forgive me. What do you guys think?" he asked.

     One man said "Forgive him!"

     One woman said "He was drunk! He didnt know what he was doing!"

     Another woman said "Everyone makes mistakes!"

     Harry stepped off the bench and went towards Skylar. "Do you forgive me?" he said, A tear sreaming down his face.

     "Oh just say yes!" said the man

     A tear started to stream down Skylar's face. She looked at Harry, looked at the crowd, and then looked back at Harry.

     She leaned in to kiss him, and he looked up at her, surprsed. "To forward?" she said giggling, and feeling embarrassed at the same time.

     "No, perfect." he whispered in her ear. They kissed until they remembered that almost all of downtown was staring at them. They hopped in the car and headed home like nothing had ever happened.



                                                       THE END


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