I Would Never Do Anything To Hurt You

Skylar and Harry the perfect life together, the perfect relationship, perfect meeting, perfect everything! Except for the perfect ending. . . . Will Harry apologize for the biggest mistake of his life? Will Skylar forgive him? There's only one way to find out. . . .


3. Im safe

     "What are you doing here?" asked Skylar, scared of what he might say. "Im here with my girlfriend. What are you doing here?"

     "Im here with my boyfriend" she replied in the same tone that he had. She realized what he had said before. What did he mean, thats who you left me for? She didnt leave him. He broke her heart, and someone who actually cared for her and didnt treat her like crap fixed it.

     "But the last time i checked, you left me." said Skylar, anxious to hear his reply. "Not replying to when someone says I love you isnt breaking up." said Austin, who raised his voice one level louder.

     "Then what is it?" asked Skylar, raising her voice to matches his. Austin put a shocked look on his face. He opened his mouth to say something, but Skylar beat him. "Because the last time i checked, it was saying that you didnt love someone. And thats not even the reason that I supposedly "left" you! You treated me like your monkey that followed you around and did your chores and did whatever you asked it to! Harry treats me the exact opposite! He-" She got cut off

     "His name is Harry?" asked Austin. "Oh let me guess, his last name is Potter, and the only reason you're going out with him is because he takes you on magical adventures!"

     "His last name is Styles and-" she got cut off again. "Styles? His last name is Styles?" questioned Austin. "Like hair styles? Oh wow, if you're gonna date somebody else, at least choose one with a decent name!" he said.

     "You are so low!" said Skylar, raising her voice a level louder. "You know you're jealous! Thats the only reason that you came here!"

     He stepped closer to her, his hands shaking with anger. "You so know its the other way around" he said, his voice going down to a whisper, although you could still hear anger in it.

     "Wow," Skylar started. "You're even dumber than you look." she said, matching his tone. Before she knew it, she was laying on the ground with a numb face. He has slapped her right on her cheek. She screamed and stared at him in disgust. He balled his hands up into fists and was about to go in for a punch.

     "Skylar?" she heard her name being called and she was so relieved.  Harry had wondered where she went, so he went looking for her. He saw Austin about to punch the girl he loved, so he tackled him and punched him. One punch was enough for Austin. He ran out. "YOU BITCH!" he screamed. Skylar wasnt sure if he was talking to her or Harry, but she didnt care. She just wanted to go home. Harry looked at Skylar and saw that her cheek was swelling.

     "We need to get you to a hospital." said Harry, worried "No im fine, it'll heal in a week by itself." she said. She didnt feel like going to a hospital. Not right now.

     "Skylar, im so sorry. I cant help but think that this is all my fault!" he said. He thought that if he came earlier, he wouldve stopped him, or if he hadnt taken her to the bowling alley, this would have never happened.

     Skylar looked at him confused. "This isnt your fault! None of it! I feel safe with you. And i will forever."

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