I Would Never Do Anything To Hurt You

Skylar and Harry the perfect life together, the perfect relationship, perfect meeting, perfect everything! Except for the perfect ending. . . . Will Harry apologize for the biggest mistake of his life? Will Skylar forgive him? There's only one way to find out. . . .


8. Finding out

     Skylar had woken up next to Harry in bed. She didnt get to see him that much yesterday since he was out with his friends last night, and didnt get home until 2:00 AM. Harry had lost complete memory of last night. All he remembered was that he was out with Matt, Dalton, and Tyler to a bar. . . .

     Harry looked at Skylar when he woke up. "You want some breakfast?" he asked, with a smile on his face. "Sure." said Skylar with an even bigger smile on her face. "I'll make your favorite," he said. "Pumpkin pancakes, bacon, toast with strawberry jelly, and coffee." He got up to go to the kitchen and make breakfast. 

     When he got up, Skylar tried to go back to sleep, but she couldnt because Harry's phone kept ringing. She didnt want to be nosy, but she wanted it to shut up, so she looked at it. There was an unknown number texting him. There were text messages like

     "Is this Harry?"

     "Is this the right number?"

     "Do you remember me?"

     Skylar got curious, so she texted back "Who is this?" Quickly, the person on the other side responded. "Its Alisha, from last night. This is Harry, right?" Skylar started to get mad, assuming the worst, but she didnt want to jump to conclusions.

     "This is Harry." texted Skylar, wanting to find out who this "Alisha" girl was. When the phone buzzed, she got the chills, those bad chills. . . .

     "We need to hook up again. You gave me a wild ride last night."

     Skylar stared at the screen in awe. She couldnt think of any other explanations then what it really was. She started clenching her fists. She felt like she did when Austin basically dumped her in the bowling alley, but ten times as worse. After she let out a lot of tears, the tears that were left were formed into a big ball of anger. She went downstairs quickly so the big ball of anger wouldnt melt into tears.

     When she went downstairs, Harry was on his way up with two plates of food. When Harry was about to say something, Skylar ignored him.

     "A little birdie told me that last night, you gave Alisha a wild ride." she said, the ball slowly melting.

     Harry had the same expression that Skylar had when she saw the text. Suddenly, everything came back to him. Where he had actually gone, what he had actually done, what he had done to Skylar.

     "Skylar, I-" he said, tears starting to swell in his eyes. "You dont understand, They guys took me to-"

     Skylar cut him off. She didnt want to hear one word of what he had to say. There was nothing to explain. He had cheated on her. As simple as that. Or at least, thats what Skylar thought.

     She ran upstairs as fast as she could, The ball of anger swelling down now. Harry put down the two plates of food and ran after Skylar, but she beat him to the bedroom door. She closed it in his face and layed on the bed until the ball of anger had melted completely, and turned into a big ocean of tears.

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