Kidnapped (pt 1)

hey guys this is the first pt of 3 in this series . Katei hates one direction after she goes to a concert with her friend she ends up in a house with one direction.


16. Louis' p.o.v

since katei and her really sexy friend saw me at the mall i was really in to her i think that im starting to get over katei and get really into dianne i asked her if she wanted to go out some time she said yeah of course she would say that i mean really i am that hot so of course but thats really cool that she really does like me so that made me happy tonight i get to learn about her on the date at nando's .

(Phone rings)


Hello is this louis tomlinson?

Yes why

Well we need to know the exact date you will be going back into the house with the rest of the boys and the two ladies

um wait is this simon?


o well i know i will be out of my moms house and back into the 1d house in about two days so if thats alright with you

yes okay louis have a nice day and thanks for your time



(call ends)

(Phone vibrates)

The text reads:

Hey baby i was hoping at the date tonight after we could go back to the house and learn each others strengths love you see you tonight - Dianne

Okay babe what ever is okay with you i love you to and learning each others strengths sounds wonderful love you see you tonight - Louis Tomlinson

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