Kidnapped (pt 1)

hey guys this is the first pt of 3 in this series . Katei hates one direction after she goes to a concert with her friend she ends up in a house with one direction.


11. Katei's P.O.V

        Katei was confused what was she gonna do next was i gonna sneak out and leave the band depressed and alone or find louis and leave harry i had feelings for him but i just couldnt let louis go what should i do. Should i tell harry tat i cant be with him theirs some one else . Or just leave and just go one way in one direction and tell people i was kidnapped by one direction how am i supposed to respond.

which choice their are so many or take the chance and go down by killing my self or self harming i never thought it would come to this how am i supposed to live with no money food or a house to live stay with harry and get what ever i want or be with louis when his heart is broken these Are some real life changing questions i mean i'm only 16 how am i suppose to live with a 21 year old man or a 19 year my life sucks i bet my bestfriend dianne is having fun with her boyfriend jack and doesnt even notice i'm missing its been almost a week im hungry and tired so i guess since its only 9 i will have a snack and take a quick cat nap.


                                            12 hours later

Holy crap i was asleep for a long time what is wrong with me i said i could take a cat nap not fall asleep but now im hungry and i feel i want some nando's. but i cant drive because harry has my car keys but lucky i remembered i have my extra set in my closet . as i walked into the closet the door slammed behind me what was happening was i forgetting somthing did i close the door i really needed louis right now why did he leave he broke my heart .




 Katei its okay im here i got you its okay" Harry yelled from across the doorway

Harry unlocked it seemed my window was open and i saw a note..................................................................


                                                                                  THE NOTE READ

                       Katei if you see this note you found out that i locked you in the closet no one else wants you you are mine but tell harry to backoff you are mine i might not have you yet but i will gettcha i will get harry away from you you are my sunlight on that cloudy day but today is that last day you will remember me it may be weird that i wrote this but i love you no one can hide my love for you      - Louis Tomlinson To: Katei Tomlinson

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