Kidnapped (pt 1)

hey guys this is the first pt of 3 in this series . Katei hates one direction after she goes to a concert with her friend she ends up in a house with one direction.


9. Katei P.O.V

Harry was in my room we were talking he leaned in to kiss me I didnt force it away from me he was cute but i didnt have feelings for him.

"Oh My God I'm so sorry katei" harry 

"i love you" i couldnt let the words stay in what was i thinking 

I started to take off my shirt................

"Wait katei" Harry said to me like somthing was wrong

" What is something wrong" i replied

"No Nevermind" harry said

 he took off all his clothes and i took off all mine> we started to have sex when louis walked into my room he just stared like something was wrong but i just dont know he needs to leave the room.

"Goodbye louis"

he walked out then i heard sobbing down the hallway i got up and got dressed and ran down stairs.

"Louis wait" i yelled

"i m leaving goodbye katei only zayn knows where im going just goodbye forever once you are out of this house ill come back in you knew i loved you but you never loved me back i wrote a poem for you

"When you love someone that doesn't love you back

When you've given so much of yourself-mind, body, and soul and that person could care less.

When theyre all you think about night and day and they hardly think of you.

When they dont call, text, or come by like they said they would, and yet another lonely night you've spent.

When the pain and hurt bypasses your heart and cuts into your soul, and you wonder why you even care and "just let it go" is what you've been told.

When you wonder if its someone else and what they have that you don't.

When youve cried a river with your tears...given your all...tried and tried...cried too many times...cursed the ground they walked on and apologized unnecessarily...when you've been on an emotional roller coaster happy, sad, depressed, and mad...when you've cared about this someone more than youve cared about yourself...when your feelings went when you loved someone that didn't love you back. i love you you dont have to love me back im leaving goodbye"

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