two is better than one

Karina is a not a ordinary girl. She has won the X Factor shes a really good singer and dancer. She has a brother name ross and a step brother name zayn malik.. yes the zayn malik from one direction. She was friends with Harry styles ever since forever but what happens when they devolp true feeling for eachother?


1. we meet again

Karina's pov-----

Hi my name is karina and I have won 1st place in the X Factor!!! I live with my best friend name skyler. We would always invite are other 3 friends mitzi, leslie, and elonear. Today we were suppose to meet El's new boyfriend.

El: omg he so nice and cute and caring
Me: whats his name??
El: louis
Skyler: louis as in louis Tomlinson?
El: yeah
Skyler: cool
Me: you liked him ever since 2nd grade when he got his hands stuck to the table and you tried to help but got stuck too
El: haha how about you and harry?

Harry .. I haven't heard that name in while. I miss him sooo much but I bet he already forgot about me well um not really since im on all covers and magazines.
My thoughts were soon interrupted by the door knocking.

El: omg he's here!
Skyler: I'll go get it!
Me: I'll be right back
El: ok but hurry back

I ran up stairs and sat on my bed.
I was so confused.. I didn't know what to do or say.
I cant belive ill be seeing him again AND meeting his boy band.
I wanted to make a really good first expression on them.
Zayn was like my brother. We told everything to each other.. no secrets!
But the thing was i really like harry. I liked him since the first day we met.
But who would fall for a girl like me? I look at my self in the mirror... I have long brown curly hair and brown eyes. It's not that much.. every guy tend to fall for blondes with blue eyes. I dont blame them. I take out my make up bag and start doing my make up
*10 minutes later*
"DONE!" I yell looking at the mirror
I set everything thing down and start making my way down the stairs. As Im walking I hear alot of laughter and British accents.
I finally get down stairs and see a boy with beautiful green eyes and curly hair sitting on the couch
Omg it cant be! Its Harry!
We meet again.
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