two is better than one

Karina is a not a ordinary girl. She has won the X Factor shes a really good singer and dancer. She has a brother name ross and a step brother name zayn malik.. yes the zayn malik from one direction. She was friends with Harry styles ever since forever but what happens when they devolp true feeling for eachother?


3. way to make things more awkward

Karina pov----

Why can't it be the old times when me and harry would sit and laugh and just enjoy life. We right now are sitting and just looking at one on other.
El, niall, skyler, and louis went to get snacks cuz they were all sleeping over tonight. I was totally cool with it. Liam and leslie are having there own conversation in the kitchen and mitzi ran back home to get her pjs with zayn. So it's just us .... he looks like he wanted to make a conversation but just didn't know what to do... so were just staring at eachother.

Harry: so.... he trailed off with his words
Me: umm wanna go out side?
Harry: umm uh ok
He grabs my hand and makes his way to the door. This is gonna be great.

Leslie pov:

I watched harry and karina go out the door.
Aww they make such a great couple.
Liam looked at me and said ...

Liam: you know your pretty .. right?
Did he really think I was pretty??
Me:I uh um uh .... thanks
Wow way to make things awkward....
Liam: do you wanna go out this Saturday night as in like um a ... date?
Me: OMG. YESSS!!!!!!!! I mean uh umm sure haha
Liam started laughing.
I felt kinda embarrassed.
Way to make things awkward leslie .. good job!
I realized that I was speaking my thoughts... uh oh
Liam: you didn't make anything awkward
I smile .. I know I did.
We made our way to the couch to watch some telly.
Liam put his arm around me and kissed my cheek.
Even though it was my cheek I felt so much spark.

Harry pov-----

Karina was just gorgeous under the moon light she sat there playing with my hands.
Me: I missed you .. you know
Karina: I missed you to hazzaboo
She quicky covered up her mouth
Karina: um im sorry
Me: hahaha no its fine I totally love that nickname
She laughed. I put my arm around her and she lies her head on my chest.
I leaned in to kiss her and I realized she was leaning in too.
Our faces were a few inches away.
Suddenly out of the blue Taylor appeared. .. no no no not right now
Taylor: ugh harry are you cheating on me she she yelled.
We're not really dating management made us though.
Me: I look over at karina .. she looked upset
Taylor: come on harry she says grabbing my hand I really had no choice but to go with her. I would get kicked out of one direction if I don't Taylor. Shes not my type I don't like her and never will. As were walking I look back and see karina just standing there almost to tears. What have I done. Every thing is gonna be weird between us. I lost her. Way to make things awkward harry good job!
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