two is better than one

Karina is a not a ordinary girl. She has won the X Factor shes a really good singer and dancer. She has a brother name ross and a step brother name zayn malik.. yes the zayn malik from one direction. She was friends with Harry styles ever since forever but what happens when they devolp true feeling for eachother?


2. umm... hi?

Harry's pov----

Louis was telling everyone a really funny joke when I see a really pretty girl walking down the stairs. She had brown long beautiful curly hair and brown eyes she was skinny jeans, brown uggs, and was wearing a hoodie.
We all sat there quite... well umm wow this is a really awkward..
El finally spoke up

El: its about time you got here! Louis this is Karina, Karina this is Louis.
Karina?!?! As in karina reed?? Omg I finally see her after 2 years. We were always together we were what you called 'bffs' but I always had feelings for her.

Mitzi: harry are you ok?
Me: oh umm yea
Mitzi: come on haz what do you take me as? A fool? I can see you like her.
I blush but I dont think anyone noticed except mitzi.
Me: how bout u and zayn?
I knew she had feelings for zayn
Mitzi looks over at zayn and smiles
Mitzi: umm........ I still kinda like him but he doesn't know
Me: I know he likes you
Mitzi: u wish!!!
We both burst into laughing
Louis looks over to us he sees that were laughing
Louis: hazza Whacha laughing bout?
Me: nothing
Louis: uh huh
Skyler: hey karina can I talk to you?
Karina: yea come on

Skylers pov------

Karina: whats wrong??
Me: .... I uh um I... I really like niall
Karina: I know I think Im have feelings for hazza ... again.
I knew karina and harry liked eachother ever since...
Me: I just really don't know what to do I want to be his princess!
I luv him soooo much!!
Im falling hard for him .... his beautiful blue sea eyes and perfect smile and omg when we were little he would sing to me his voice was... precious
Karina looks like shes thinking ... her and Harry would make a perfect couple but she was way ti scared of being rejected .. I don't blame her .... I AM TOO...!
we decided to go back down stairs so no one would suspect anything.
We all had a great time I realized niall staring at me a couple of times.
Leslie: Liam ... I like your hair
Lol I thought that was kinda random
Liam: *blushes* thanks

Niall pov:

I think I found my Princess
Shes beautiful and gorgeous...
We were best friends since 3rd grade
I just don't know how to ask her out... maybe skyler will ask me out ugh nonono!

Liams pov:
Should I ask leslie right now?? No.. not the right time.

Karinas pov---
Me and Hazzaboo haven't talked to each other yet. ... lol yes hazzaboo is what I use to call him when we were kids ... way to make things more awkward...

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