two is better than one

Karina is a not a ordinary girl. She has won the X Factor shes a really good singer and dancer. She has a brother name ross and a step brother name zayn malik.. yes the zayn malik from one direction. She was friends with Harry styles ever since forever but what happens when they devolp true feeling for eachother?


4. torn

Taylor pov:

Me: ugh why were you hanging out with karina? She sooo ugly.
Harry: no shes not ... she's the most beautiful girl in the world.
I can't believe my ears...
Me: were over I yell!
Harry: good !! We were never even together in the first place!

Karina pov------

I sat there all alone looking at the stars.
Wow I cant belive hazza wanted to kiss me.
I just sat there with so many questions running through my head. I remembered the time when harry took me to his tree house and we kissed..

*flash back*

H... come on you slow poke
Me... in coming Hazzaboo wait I say gasping for air.
He laughs and takes my hand.
H.. we're here. Ladies first he says I laugh and give him a kiss on the cheek. He blushes and I giggle we finally make our way up there.
H... your so Beautiful
Me.... haha funny Harold
H... im not joking
He leaned and missed me on the lips! It felt so right. We were 13 when this happened. ..

*flashback over*

I start running back home crying
I opened the door to my house seeing Liam on the couch and Leslie in the kitchen. I quickly run upstairs and check my phone 22 missed calls 10 txt messages... wow all from Harry.
I leaned up Against my door and cryed.
I looked up at the mirro and saw my red puffy eyes all my curls were all over my face and I was tired.i looked like a mess... but I didn't care. Me and harry are torn.
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