two is better than one

Karina is a not a ordinary girl. She has won the X Factor shes a really good singer and dancer. She has a brother name ross and a step brother name zayn malik.. yes the zayn malik from one direction. She was friends with Harry styles ever since forever but what happens when they devolp true feeling for eachother?


8. one month later

Harrys pov-----

One month later ....

Ok ok today is the day she is coming back.
All the guys were busy so they asked me to pick her up of course I said yes.
As I was sitting I started thinking ...but then I saw .... Max!!
I ran over to him.

Me: hey remember me?!?!
Max... hey harry course I do!
Why did he look so happy he kissed my girl.
Me.. Why did you kiss karina
Max looked so confused
Max.... we were just friends ... we never kissed
My mouth dropped open ... she never cheated on me!
They call karinas plane
Me... bye max got to go
Max... ok bye
As im walking over to see her I think about what I did in the past.
I called her names and people bullied her ... all because of me
And on top of that she had an abusive uncle! She was my first kiss and my first best girlfriend.
Stupid Lola!!! I started crying. I couldn't stop.

Karina pov------

Ugh tour is so much but I love my fans!
Im walking off the plane.
Lalalalalalalala Lalalalalalalala
As im walking around the air port I see Hazza crying.
I run up to him and drop all my bags.
He looked so disappointed at him self

Me... babe what's wrong??!?!?!?
I was so worried.
H.. come on he says taking my things and my hand.
We walk into the car.
Im such an idiot i hear harry say.
Me.. no your not
H... YES! YES I AM!!! harry starts shouting.
was he talking about me.
I look over to him and he had red puffy eyes his curls were all over the place.
I just started rubbing his back to make him calm down.
I know that always helps him.
We arrived at his house. Like a gentle men he opens the door for me.
I smile. He smiled weakly.
We went into his house.
I started looking around but before I could finish he pulled me arm to his room.
He smiled at me.
As we walked into his room I see pictures of us all around his room.
I walk over and see the braclet I gave him 3 years ago.
It said forever on it. I had one too and it said together.
I rolled my sleeve up and show him mine.
Me... umm how come you still have it?
H... cuz you had to work 6 jobs to get these and they are special.
It's true ... I had 6 jobs. The forever and together were made out of real gold.
H... wanna watch a movie?
Me... yeah
He put the notebook on and he came and snuggled up to me.
H... you know I never meant to let you go
Me.. what are you talking about
H.... I saw max at the airport and he said he never kissed you.
Me.... I told you!! I say getting up.
H.... im sorry please forgive me.
Me... I I uh I dont know I say running out side in the rain.
I sit at a near by bench and start crying all my tears out.
I then pulled something out of my purse ... my razor....
I put it against my skin and it hurt so bad.
This is for being ugly I say cutting my self..
This is for being fat I say cutting my self again.
This is for being stupid and a bad girlfriend I say cutting myself for the 3rd time.

Harry pov------

I ran after her ...
I run up to her and throw the razor across the street.
K... what the heck whats that for? !!?!?!?!
Me... come on I say grabbing her hand.
Ouch!! She screamed in Pain
Me... oh my im so sorry
I pick her up and run to my house.
I dabb some water on her blood. I kissed it so many times.
Me.... can you please forgive me? I was an idiot. Can you please be my girlfriend?
She looked at me and said.....

K.... ok
Me... thank you
I put bandages on her hand and we go
Down stairs to continue our movie.
We sat on the couch and cuddled and kissed all night.
Oh how I miss her kisses.
I see her falling asleep so I pick her up and take her to my bed.
I put my arms on her waist protectevly and kissed her cheek.
Im so happy she gave me a chance.
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