two is better than one

Karina is a not a ordinary girl. She has won the X Factor shes a really good singer and dancer. She has a brother name ross and a step brother name zayn malik.. yes the zayn malik from one direction. She was friends with Harry styles ever since forever but what happens when they devolp true feeling for eachother?


6. did he follow me??

Karina pov---------Im walking down a Street with skyler.
We were having so much fun.
Skyler loves shopping she had like about 18 bags in her hands I only had five. As we are walking I turn to skyler and say I need to use the bathroom. Ok she said and took my bags.
I walk into the bathroom and spotted Taylor doing her hair.
She came up to me and said stay away from my harry.
Umm.. who does she think she is.
She walked out the door and I signed.
As I walked out the door I see Taylor making out with a guy.
Speaking of awkward.
I saw skyler staring at some shoes. She went in and bought it.
I saw harry in the corner of my eye

HARRY! I call out
Harry: yeah
Me: I saw Taylor making out with some one.
He looked at me like I was crazy
Im not lying I told him.
I saw Taylor right behind harry.
Taylor: hey baby she said taking harry away from me.
I stood there all alone in the dark.

End of dream

I woke up on the sound of my alarm clock.
'Baby say yeah yeah yeah , yeah yeah and let me kiss you'
I quickly turned it off and got up.
I took a shower, put some clothes on, and did my make up.
I already had my bags packed and I can eat breakfast at Starbucks at the airport.
I went downstairs with my bags ready to go.
All the people were asleep on the floor.... except harry

Harry: please let me explain
I didn't know what to do. . I just wanted to leave.
Me: umm I have to go I say running out my door.

*At the air port*

Right now I'm sitting at Starbuck s drinking coffe and eating a muffin
As I turn around I see a boy with curly hair. Oh no! Is it harry?
Did he follow me?
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