Boarding School

What will happen when Annaleigh moves to England for a boarding school with her bestfriend Alexis??Will Niall fall deeply In love with her??


1. Time to say goodbye.

AnnaLeighs Pov --- My alarm clock went off.I jumped out of my bed!!Yay it was 6:30 am..I had to start packing my stuff for boarding school!!!????!!! I really wasn't sure if this was good for me and Alexis or not. We have been friends since we were 3 and I think this will be good for us. I mean we are 19 for goodness sakes. Wouldn't you think that we are ready to move out and go to college on our own? I took a shower and brushed my teeth. After I got out I put on my ruffled white spaghetti strapped shirt with a navy blue cardigan and some blue jeans.I put on my cheetah black print bobs and let my golden brown hair lay naturally. I went downstairs where my suitcases where by the door. I saw my mom and dad sitting at the table eating breakfast. I sat down and drank some Chocolate milk and ate some buttered toast.After I got done eating I told my mom and dad good bye and that I love them.I went outside and jumped in my car. I called Alexis to make sure she was up and hat I would be at her house in 10 minutes.I got to her house and beeped he horn . Alexis is really pretty she has light brown hair and green/hazel eyes. When she came out I helped her wih her luggage and put it int the trunk. When we go done we headed for the road..
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