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just comment 1:your name 2:who u wanna be with 3:sexual or nonsexual 4:age and 5:haircolor, eye coler and thing about your self


5. Jaclyn and Niall

Hi I'm Jaclyn and I'm 16.  I'm a cheerleter so i was cheering at a football tunamet on the beanch I see a cute blondy he saw me and winked I winked back I was doing my cheer and our uniforms are short (that have shorts under) we did a 360 fast when i turned around I saw the blondy staring at my...ass.  "boys" I thought while roling my eyes after the cheer I whent to sit down by him just to make it awkward.  "busted" I told him as I sat down by him "what.. why?" "oh don't act all inocent i saw you" i sayed in a "BUSTED" voise.  "what did i do?" "i caught you staring at ass thats what you did!" i said in a sassy voise he just smiled and blushed "oh that" he said in a guilty voise "yeah that" i said once again in a sassy voise wejust laughfed "by  the way i'm niall" he said extending his hand  "Hi Niall i'm jaclyn" I said while shaking his hand "pretty name for a pretty girl" he said in a flurty voise                                                        AFTER THE GAME

"thank you again niall for bringing me home" i said in a sweet voise "no problom" he said "would toy like to come in? my parints ar at work they dont get here till the mornig" i said flashing him a toothy smile "yeah sure why not?" he said we sat on the couch waching family guy on fox we just laughfed he just stared at me i turned my head to look at him he leaned in and kissed me it was a sweet and soft kiss he started kissing me harder we whent up to my room and he started removing my close and i started removing his close..and you can guss what happend after that ;)

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