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just comment 1:your name 2:who u wanna be with 3:sexual or nonsexual 4:age and 5:haircolor, eye coler and thing about your self


4. Ivy and Harry

hi my name is Ivy and I'm 17.Me and my friend Liz walked into Starbucks we ordered out drinks and foud a table to sit down at.  a cupple min. later 5 guys (see what i did there "5 guys")walked and ordered their drinks they wher all cute but 1 of them cought my eye i turned arowned and cought him staring at...me ME? i reaised an eyebrow at him he smiled and blushed"oh hey Ivy come here" said Liz as she stood up and started walking i folowed behined her just to see that we  wher walking towereds them"what are you doing?" i whisperd in her earwhile we both stoped "trust me" she whisperd back"ok" i said as we continued walking we finally gotto wher they where siting "hey baby" the one with the buzz cut said to Liz "hey liam" she said back to who i'm gussing is Liam "Liam this is my friend Ivy.. Ivy this is my fiansay Liam" she said i waved shyly "and these are his friends" she said"this is Niall" she said while pointing at a blondey "hey" he said with an irish accsent "hello" i said shyly "this is zayn" she said while pointing to a boy with black hair "hi" he said while waving"hi" i said normaly "this is louis aka lou" she said giggleing a bit "hello i like carrots" he said rather loudly "hello i like bannanas" i said jokingly "are you a monkey?" he said jokingly eveybody burst out laughing "no i'm not lou" i said while smiling "and this is harry" said Liz pointing to a curly haired boy which is i'm gussing harry "hello" i said shyly again remembering erlyer today "hi" he said blushing "so you girls wanna come to our flat that we share and have a sleepover?" asked Liam "sounds good to me how about you Ivy?" said Liz all eyes on me "yeah sure i'll just go get some close" "ok me too liam you come with me to my house and Harry why dont you go with Ivy to get her close?" asked Liz god why i think she knows i like him cuz she winked at me when she said that


"thank you for comming Harry" i said to him i don't know why but he just kissed me it felt good we started kissing harder and more passionite he started to take of his shirt and so did i and we ended up having out own sleepover you know what i mean by "sleep over.

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