1D images

just comment 1:your name 2:who u wanna be with 3:sexual or nonsexual 4:age and 5:haircolor, eye coler and thing about your self


3. Filipa and Harry

hi im Filipa and i'm 19 and me and my friends are at a bar in London.  "hey look that hotty is staring at you Filipa you should go and talk to him" said one of my friends "no way i bet he is looking at you" i say "look he's walking over here" said my friend.  i turnd to see if she was right and sure enoghf he was walking straight to us.  "hello i'm Harry" he said extending his arm out "hello nice to meet you Harry i'm Filipa" i said as i shook his hand "hello i'm _ nice to meet you Harry" "the pleasure is all mine" he said looking at me" well sorry but i have to go see you later Filipa" said my friend as she huged me "ok by see you tomarro" i said a little exited cuz i get to be with harry alone "would you like to dance" harry said as he extended his arm out to me"yeah sure" after we danced we got some shots and he rented a room for us to go to he looked at me unsure i simply noded my head  we started kissing he started to take of his clothing while i took of mine.  'r u sure about this?" i noded again not knowing that it would hurt as much as it did i gasped at the pain well its over and it was amazing

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