Light and Dark

Kate doesn't know what coming to her when she gets dared by her friends to go with this guy. He wanted her and he will do every thing he can to get her even if it means crossing the line ......


1. Dare

Kate's P.O.V


    The lights were flashing, the music was cranked and the smell of alcohol and smoke serenaded the air my friends Maddi and Ally were dancing with some random guys. I let them enjoy them self as i walked over to the bar and sat down "can i get one Bombay please" i shouted at the bar tender i just sat there waiting for my drink when i noticed a dark shadow just standing there i couldn't tell if he or she was was facing me or not so i just turned around and pretended nothing happened "here you go" the bartender tried shouting over the loud noise.


  It was about 10 minuets later a boy with light brown hair came over to me "hey sexy" he sneered "can i help you" i said pushing him off me "actually you can"he said while getting closer to my face and putting his hand on my knee i tried pushing him off me when he looked past me with a worried look and quickly walked away. I looked over my shoulder and saw that same dark shadow again i quickly looked away and made my way over to my friends when a strong grip connected to my arm pulling me in the other direction i looked up to find a tall male figure smirking at me "dance with me" he said while grabbing my other arm so couldn't get away "stop" i winced he grabbed me by the neck and started planting harsh kisses around my neck "please stop" i cried "hmm your mine now" he moaned and sucked even harder i felt tears escaping from my eyes.He finally let go of my neck i ripped my arms out of his hands and made a mad dash for it bumping into people "Kate!?" Ally shouted out "What happened"Maddi added they could see the tears running down my face and the finger makers formed in my arms "I don't know it happened so fast" i whimpered "what happened so fast" ally asked "this boy he grabbed my arms  and started saying that i was his and.." i ranted "and what" Maddi said i didn't say any thing i just moved my hair away from my neck and showed them the black and blue raw skin on the sides of my neck "Lets leave now" ally said grabbing my arm "owww!" i winched in pain "sorry" ally said forgetting i had buries on my arm....


  We walked out the door when i noticed a shadow in the Conner of my eyes he was holding up my cell phone with a smirk "Ally Maddi he has my cell phone" i yelled out to them they quickly ran over and looked over at him "what are you complaining about he gorgeous" Maddi said while winking at him   "Maddi!!!" i yelled at her "oh ya sorry bad guy bad guy" he said while trying to cover up her mistake i walked over to him "give me my cell phone" i said in a pissed off tone "you cute when your mad" he said with a smirk "uhhh"i sad as i ripped my phone out of him hand and we walked out of the bar.


  We arrived at Maddi's house because me an ally were sleeping over. Maddi went and got the extra blankets . "so explain to me what happened exactly" ally said looking me in the eye "well so i was minding my own business and this dude came up to me and stated calling me sexy and shit then he looked over and saw that creepy guy that Maddi said is hot and ran away what ever that meant i looked over my shoulder and he was walking towards me so i tried running back to you guys and he grabbed me by the arm and saying he was mine and started groping me.." i ranted "oh well then i wish that was me" Maddi said walking in the room "Maddi your such a tramp" i said jokingly as i feel back on to the bed remembering the torch er I felt my phone vibrate I looked at the screen and it flashed ~1 new message from Zayn~ "who is Zayn" Maddi said peeking over my shoulder "ohh is it that guy from the bar?" she added "i don't know i don't know any one named Zayn" i said in an annoyed voice " i dare you to text him back " ally said as she poked my shoulder "what are you going to give me if i do" i said in a preppy voice " i will let you have the short black dress you wanted" she said as she walked to her closet to get it "DEAL!!" i yelled



Hey sexy -Z

Hi do i know you ? -K

You forgot me already :p -Z

What is there to  forget -K

Ok.. does Your mine now ring a bell ? -Z

How did you get my number !!!? -K

I have my ways -Z




"how the hell did he get your number??? " ally screamed "Okay he was hot when he wasn't a stalker " Maddi added we both pause when we heard my phone go off again " I will pick you up for dinner tomorrow -Z" ally read out loud



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