One Last Chance

When a 17, going on 18, girl named Hannah Curtis falls for the famous Niall Horan of One Direction, her life takes many interesting twists and emotional turns. Secrets are exchanged, as well as affairs. But when Hannah's dark past comes back to haunt her, she must tell her beloved Irish man.


2. Flashback

The next day I decided to go over to Niall's flat. I had to try to stop thinking about that dream. The dream was about that night with Ryan. We had been going to see a new romantic comedy in the theater. Ryan had just picked me up from my flat. "Hey love", he said with a smile. "Hi Ryan", I responded. "You ready?" he asked. "Yup", I said with a grin. The night was going perfect. The movie was good and Ryan was being super sweet. We were riding back home when he asked me a question. "Hannah are you happy with me?" he'd asked. "What?" "I said are you happy with me?" "Of course Ryan" I said. "Don't lie to me Hannah". "Ryan what are you talking about?" He stopped the car and pulled out a gun from underneath the sink. "Hannah?" Niall's voice broke me out of my thoughts. "Are you alright?" "Of course Niall", I said with a faint smile. Niall had no clue about Ryan. "You up for some pizza?" Niall asked. "Sounds good", I replied. Niall smiled, as he always did at the suggestion of eating. 15 minuets later, the pizza arrived. I had only had 2 pieces by the time Niall had finished the box. After eating we cuddled on the coach and watched tv.
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