One Last Chance

When a 17, going on 18, girl named Hannah Curtis falls for the famous Niall Horan of One Direction, her life takes many interesting twists and emotional turns. Secrets are exchanged, as well as affairs. But when Hannah's dark past comes back to haunt her, she must tell her beloved Irish man.


1. The Nightmare

I could feel my blood rushing and my breath quickening. I snuck towards the door as quietly as I could. 5 feet, 4 feet. I could almost reach the knob. Then a force, so strong, so quick, it sent me flying across the room onto a table stand, knocking over a vase. He stomped closer as I struggled to get up. He yanked me up. He was going to sink his big, bulging fist into my face, but I was too quick, and stabbed him in the forehead with a piece of the broken vase. I sprinted for the door, trying desperately to get out of there. Away from him. I made it outside. Then, a pop broke the silence of the late evening air. Everything went black and I woke up sweating, tears falling down my cheeks.
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