The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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I litrally just had the opition to save this chapter and then for some reason I chose not too. WHYY


Harry's POV

"Wow, i'm impressed," Gemma said as she walked into the kitchen noticing the pepper Katie had only half cut lf up.

We both shrugged looking at her.

"That was so in sink, it was scary," She said, stepping away from is.

"Pizza time," Hallie said, skipping into the kitchen.

Katie and I hoped off the kitchen counter as we all gathered round the breakfast bar to start making the pizza's.

I started delicately spreading the tomato puré over the ready made pizza base. I spread it evenly over the base, trying the scope all the lumps off of the pizza.

"Take your time," Katie said impatiently.

"I will," I said, flashing her a smiled.

I then heard the 'click' of the camera button as I span around to see Gemma taking a photo with her phone. 

"Why did you just take a photo of us?" I questioned.

"Because you both look incredibly cute with your matching tops," She smiled.

It took me a moment to work out what she meant. I was still wearing the hoodie that Katie had got me for Christmas, which said Styles on the back and she was wearing my Styles football T-shirt.

When I turned back around, Katie had already stolen the tomato and was now spreading it all over her pizza base. 

We soon finished our pizzas and put them in the oven, whilst we went into the lounge to pick a movie for tonight.

I sat sideways on the sofa, with Katie facing me, as our legs were tangled together under the thick blanket over us.

Hallie sat on the floor by the DVD cabinet as she read out movie names.

"Pitch Perfect," She read out.

"No," Everyone chorused.

"Hunger Games,"


"High school musical?" She questioned.

"That's Harry's," Gemma said quickly.

I just shrugged. "Who doesn't live a good bit of Troy Bolton?" I smirked.

"The impossible," 

"No," Katie said.

"Yesssss, oh my god," Amy exclaimed.

"Yes, yes, yes," Gemma joined in.

"And the deciding vote goes to Harry Styles," Hallie said, in a game show voice.

"No thanks, I don't have any tears left from the first time I watched it," I replied.

"I change my vote," Katie said quickly.

"Shut up, you just wanna see me cry," I said, throwing a cushion at her.

"Freaky Friday," Hallie continued.


"Love actually," 

Me and Katie both looked at each other making squealing noises as we waved our hands at each other frantically. 

"What's happening?" I heard Amy ask.

"Don't do drugs kids," I spoke, knowing Katie would finish the sentence like we always did. 

"Become a rockstar and you get them for free," She laughed.

"I guess we are watching Love actually then..." Hallie said, placing it into the DVD player before sitting next to Gemma on the sofa.


We were about 15 minutes thought the movie, when Gemma paused it.

"Ok, enough," She said.

"What?" I asked.

"Stop saying every line," Gemma replied.

"We're not saying every line, I say one and Katie says the other," I explained, Katie giggled in response. 

"All those fans out there who want to know what Harry Styles does all evening, he memorises every line spoken in films," Hallie said. 

"Isn't that the pizza timer?" Katie said, as we all looked to the kitchen where a timer was going off.

We all ran to the kitchen and brought out our semi- homemade pizza's.

"They smell so good," Katie said, cutting her's up and putting it on a plate. 

I did the same as we all went back into the lounge, eating the pizza's and finishing the movie. 


"Hi guys," My Mum said as she walked into the lounge near the end of the movie.

Her eyes immediately fell on Katie. 

"And you must be Katie, how we have heard so much about," She smiled.

"Mummm," I said, sinking lover into the sofa.

"Oh, Ann quite embarrassing him," My Auntie Sara said, coming up behind her. 

"He's my son, what do you expect?" She laughed.

"Well you kids seem to be happy watching the movie, smells good in her," She commented.

"We made pizza's," I replied.

"Any left for us?" Aunt Sara asked.

"No," Amy said, as if it wasn't already obvious. 

Gemma then clicked play on the movie as we continued to watch it. 


I opened my eyes, rather confused as I didn't realise I had fallen asleep. 

I had Katie fast asleep on my chest with my arms wrapped tightly around her. 

Gemma, Hallie and Amy were now watching an X-man movie or something.

"When did we fall asleep?" I asked, my voice tired and raspy.

"About ten minutes after Mum arrived back," Gemma spoke.

"First Katie said she was tired and you told her to cuddle into your chest and then she fell asleep, with you closing your eyes about ten seconds later," Amy explained.

"Right," I smiled, pulling the blanket covering us both higher up. 

I saw Gemma looking down at her phone, laughing with Hallie.

"How many photos did you take?" I asked.

"Not that many," Gemma smirked. 




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