The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Harry's POV 

We were about half way from London to Cheshire and Katie had the music on full volume and my singing all the lyrics even louder. 

"Midnight Memories!" She sang. "Ohohohohohoh," 

"Baby you and me," I snag.

"Stumbling in the street," She replied.

"Just singing, singing, singing," We sang together at the top of our lungs.

"We make a pretty good duo," I smiled.

"I'm expecting to make and experience on your next album," She replied. 

I turned the music down slightly as Katie carried on singing the whole way until we arrived.


"Wow, there must have been really bad traffic," Gemma said as she answered the door. She spoke in a 'of course there wasn't traffic' voice.

"Hi Gemma," Katie smiled.

"Ah Katie, so good to finally meet you," She replied. "Jesus Christ, Harry won't shut up about you," She sighed.

"Shut up," I said to her, walking past her and into the living room.

"So you must be the famous Katie," Amy smiled.

"Katie, this is my cousin Amy," I introduced. "And that's my cousin Hallie," 

"Nice to meet you both," She smiled.

"So, have you guys eaten? We were just about to make some food?" Gemma asked.

"Becuase that's what we do in this house, we make food," I said quietly into Katie's ear. 

She pushed me away from her, before smiling at Gemma.

"No we haven't eaten yet," She smiled innocently. 

"Nice hoodie," Hallie said.

I span around striking a pose. "Thanks," I said.

"Ok, how about we make our own pizza's?" Gemma suggested.

"Yep," Amy said.

"Sounds good," Hallie answered.

"I'm in," Katie grinned.

I just stared at her, she was oh too innocent. She looked back at me.

"This is usually the part where you answer the question Harold," Katie said.

"Yeah whatever, pizza's cool," I shrugged.

"Ok, we are gonna need some ingrediants to make the dough and pizza toppings," Gemma instructed.

"Hey, where's Mum?" I asked.

"She went for coffee with one of her friends," Gemma answered. 

"She was not here for her son's return?" I asked, astonished and appalled. 

"Harry, you left like five hours ago," Gemma sighed, she then paused. "Yeah, why did it take you so long? London is like a hour max from here?" She questioned.

I looked at Katie for inspiration, but she just made a face at me. 

"Well we did some unpacking and then there was pretty bad traffic," I said, proud of myself for covering up so well.

"Ok, whatever," Gemma sighed. "We are gonna need to make a trip to the supermarket," She said, leading the whole plan. 

"Me, Hallie and Amy will quickly go to the shops, whilst you and Katie can grate some cheese and top up some veggies," She instructed.

Hallie, Amy and Gemma all soon left and I followed Katie into the kitchen.

"Why are we chopping up veg?" She asked.

"Vegetables ruin the whole pizza," She sighed, leaning against the work surface.

"Oh yes, I forgot you were Mr Healthy now," She sighed, jumping up onto the work surface.

"I see you made yourself right at home," I smiled, walking over to her. 

"Your family are nice," She smiled, as I lent on her knee's.

"Your sister's really pretty," She carried on. "Don't know what happened to you," She said, poking my cheek.

"Hey!" I replied. "I'm the man of the house now, you can't just insult me, I'm going to have to come up with a terrible punishment for you missy," I said poking her nose.

"Oh reallllyyy," She smirked.

I pressed my lips against hers as our lips moved in sync for no more than three seconds before she pulled away.

"Your right, that was a terrible punishment," She said, putting on a face of disgust. "Your not a very good kisser,""She sighed, hoping off the work surface. 

"Knife's?" She asked, looking around the kitchen.

I now hooped onto the work surface, ignoring her.

"Hello, earth calling Harry Styles, where are the knife's?" She said slowly.

"I warned you that you can't insult me," I told her.

"What you gonna do? Kiss me again?" She said, her back turned away from me as she searched though the kitchen draws. 

"Got them,""She smiled as she found the cutlery draw. 

She found a chopping board and got some peppers out of the fridge.

"You know, you can help me if you want," She said, her back still turned to me.

"Well your doing such an amazing job, I wouldn't want to ruin it for you," I replied.

She turned around to face me. "Did I ever mention what a sweet boyfriend you are?" She said, the sarcasm practically spilling out her mouth.  

"No, but thanks," I replied, staying sat on the kitchen counter.

"Come on healthy boy, these veg's are for you, not me." She spoke.








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