The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Don't you just lobe it when chapters decide not to upload for no reason at all and you have to rewrite them, yay! 


Katie's pov

(about an hour later)

"Harry," I said. 

"Yes," He answered.

"We should probabley get up," I mumbled into his hoodie.

"I know," He answered.

I felt his chest rise and fall under my head as we lay there silently.

"Or we could just lay here," He suggested.

"Ok," I smiled, as he shuffled closer to me, so our legs were tangled into each other's.

"You parents are going to wonder where we are," I reminded.

"I can say there was really bad traffic," He replied.

"I still haven't packed," I then said.

"Stop finding ways to get out of bed," He spoke. "You are cuddeling with me, no matter what," 

"Your very demanding," i giggled, looking up so our eyes met.

"Well I havn't been able to lay in bed and do nothing for a while," He replied.

"One of the disadvantages of not having me around," I smiled, as he kissed my nose.

"So, how is the tour life?" I asked, seeing as i haven't even asked him yet.

"It's amazing," He smiled. 

He told me about all the show's he was doing and the smile on his face showed how much his was enjoying himself and that this is what he was meant to be doing, this was what he wanted.

"And I've been seeing all your video diares," I smiled.

"All of them?" He asked.

"Well i watched one of ours and then my takeaway pizza came and I got distracted," I explained.

"Sounds more like you," He laughed. 

"Wait, can we get some food before we leave?" I asked.

"Yeah sure, seeing as it will be such a long one hour drive to cheshire," 

"Takeaway pozza?" I suggested.

"Is that all you have been eating since I've gone on tour?" He asked.

"No, one night me and Shayla got chinese," I replied.

"Anyway, I'm eating healthy now and pizza dosn't really fit in with that," Harry said.

"Well sorry Mr Healthy," I said, waiting for a moment of pause.

"Please can we get pizza," I begged.

"No Katie, there is fruit in the fruit bowl," He answered.

"Well sorry, Father," I whined, crossing my arms over my chest.

"I'm still getting it though, so you may aswell too," I smiled. 

He sat up looking at me. "You gonna expect me to pay aren't you?" 

"Well done Harold, your catching on," I smiled, looking straight at me.

I slowly moved closer to him, pressing my lips against his neck.

"Katie, what are you doing?" He asked.

"Trying to convince you," I smiled, kissing along his jawline and below his ear.

I knew exactly how to get him to agree, it was easy. He was easy convinced. I worked my way around his ear, circling the spot I knew he loved most. I pushed his hair out of the way, before kissing him behind his ear.

A moan escaped his lips before i sat up straight again, smiling at him.

"Did it work?" I smirked.

"Pizza," He nodded.

I could litrally convince him to do anything, it was great, terrific even. 



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