The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Katie's POV

"Merry boxing day everyone!" I said, walking down the stairs.

"Alright," Brad nodded.

"Your so British," I laughed, messing up his hair.

"Enough," He replied, stepping out of my reach.

"Oh you make me laugh Bradley," I smiled, grabbing a mug and making some coffee.

"So I hear you off the England tomorrow," Brad said as i watched his spin around on the breakfast bar spinning chair.

"Yep," I answered.

"Spending the new year with your true love?" He smirked.

"If your talking about Harry, he offered me lots of food and I accepted," I replied.

"What are you gonna do for new year then?" I asked.

"Well once you have left, we are staying here for a few days and then I'm heading back to London and spending it with James, Tris and Connor," He smiled.

"Cute," I smiled, pouring my coffee into my mug and joining him at the breakfast bar.

"After new year, we have to meet up," I said, sipping my coffee.

"I don't start touring until February, so that's perfect," He answered. 

"Ok, we are going to make plans right here, right now," I said, it wouldn't get done otherwise.

"Ok, you free on the 5th?" I asked.

He unlocked his phone and looked at his calendar.

"Yep," He said, popping the p.

"Ok, you are coming to stay with me for a long weekend," I instructed, grabbing his phone and   typing into the calendar: 'sleepover with katie my fave'.

"Ok, and on the 20th, you can come stay with me for the weekend. You can even bring Harry if you want," He smirked.

"You just wanna meet him don't you," i laughed.

"Yeah, I'm like in live with him," Brad laughed. 

"I'll get you a sighed photo," I smiled.

"Katie, Georgina and Sarah will be here soon, please open the door to them," My Dad called down, from upstairs.

"I didn't know Georgie and Sarah were coming," Brad said.

"Neither did I, but apparently they are." I smiled.

Georgie and Sarah were my Mum's, sister's, daughter's, making them my first cousins. Brad and Natielle were from my Dad's side, but our family have just always gotten on. 

Right on que the door bell rang and me and Brad ran up to it, like excitable kids in a sweet shop.

"Georgie, Sarah!" I exclaimed, embracing both of them.

"Katie, Kate, Kate, I missed you so much," Sarah smiled.

"Bradley!" Georgie exclaimed, after finishing our embrace and seeing him standing there.

"Aw, I've missed you guys," He smiled, and we had a cute group hug on the doorstep.

"Well come on in, make yourself at home," I smiled.

Georgie and Sarah were twins and three years older than me and Brad, making them one year older than Clive and Natielle.

They all sat in the living room as I made enough tea for all of us.

"So tell me all about everything," I smiled, entering the living room.

For the past year and a bit, the two of them had been travelling the world. I was so jealous of them!

"Well we have been to so many amazing places and meet so many amazing people, and man had it been an experience and a half," Sarah beamed. 

"And we hear Brad has been doing his fair bit of travelling as well," Georgie added.

"Yeah, me and my band went on tour in September and finished up a few days ago," He smiled.

"Wherever we go, we see the pair of you all over the magazines," Sarah laughed.

"What?" I asked, me and Brad have never been on a magazine together.

"Well not together," Georgie smiled. "We see Brad and his band literally taking the world by storm and then we look at the next magazine and you are on in causing havoc with One Direction," 

"We didn't really expect any less of you though," Sarah giggled.


It was now about nine in the evening and Brad, Georgie, Sarah, Natielle, Clive and I were sat in a circle playing truth or dare.

A few of us had had some weird dares so far and a few scary truths. It was mainly Georgie coming up with the truths, she was good at that sort of thing.

"Ok, Katie your turn," Brad said, swinging back his beer bottle.

"Truth or Dare?" Sarah asked.

"Umm," I thought. 

Some of the dares so far had been a bit too wacky for my liking, so i decided to play it safe with truth.

"Truth," I answered.

"Oh ok, I got a good one," Georgie exclaimed.

"It's not really a bad one or an embarrassing one, just one I'm curious about," Georgie smirked.

"Ask me the bloody question," I said.

"Ok," He smiled. "Is Harry Styles a good kisser?" She asked.

"Well for one, you can refer to him as Harry," I pointed out, seeing as they had been calling his 'Harry Styles' all evening. 

"Come on Katie, answer the question," Sarah encouraged. 

"Well, I guess he's alright," I shrugged.

"This is like the hottest dude on the planet, in the most famous band in the world, literally every female in the universe is in love with him, and you say he's an alright kisser!" Georgie exclaimed.

I shrugged in responce.

"Gurl, you have Harry Frincking Styles in love with you, you are winning at life right now," Sarah added.

"Well, I guess he's pretty good," I shrugged.

"Ok, that's enough, brother in the circle," Clive interrupted. 


Author's note:

Throwback to when I accutally wrote these, like 20 chapters ago. Anyway, hey guys haven't spoken to you in a while. How are you liking it so far? Im sorry this is gonna be a long book, comment what you think is gonna happen! Xxx



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