The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


90. 90


Harry's POV

"Happy Boxing Day everyone!" I called as I walked down the stairs.

"Shut up," Gemma replied, from the kitchen.

I strolled into the kitchen to find her making some tea.

"Geez, Katie isn't even here yet," Gemma said as she turned around to see me with some sweat pants hanging loosely on my waist.

"Your going to catch a cold if you don't put proper cloths on," My Mum said entering the kitchen.

"Good morning to you too," I smiled.

"Oh turn it up," I shouted to Gemma as she was sitting near the radio. The radio presenter had just introduced the vamps new song.

"Hey did you know this is Katie's cousins," I said to them.

"Wow, her life is basically boy bands," Gemma laughed.  

"And next time you decide to face time her in the middle of the night, please do it quietly," Mum sighed.

"Sorry," I shrugged. "I had to do it late, because of the time zone's," 

"Well I could hear you from the other end of the hall," Gemma added.

"Sorry," I shrugged again, walking upstairs.

I got dressed, before texting my cousin to find out when he would be here. 

My two cousins soon arrived and we all gathered in the living room, for another 'Christmas' as we didn't see each other yesterday.

Once all the presents had been opened and given and the Christmas tree was empty, we had a second Christmas lunch. Oh how I love the holidays.

"Soo," My cousin Amy said, sitting down next to me on the sofa. I could tell she wanted something.

"Tell me the goss about Katie," She smiled. 

I was about to speak but she interrupted "And don't give me the whole 'we broke up', let'sbe honest   everyone know's thats management," 

"Well she's coming tomorrow," I smiled.

"Yess, then I will get to meet her," Amy smiled.

"I thought you were only staying one night?" I asked. 

"Na uh, your being kicked out of your room for two nights," She smirked.

"Hey! No one said anything about being kicked out of my room, where am I meant to sleep?" i asked.

She lent back on the sofa, putting her legs in my lap.

"Don't worry the sofa's not too bad," 

"I hate you," I laughed.

"Mum! You never said I had to sleep on the sofa!" I called from the living room to the kitchen.

"If you want to have a conversation, please come into the same room Harry," She called back.

I stood up, walking into the kitchen.

"You forgot to mention that I would have to be sleeping on the sofa for two night," I repeated.

"Well you can sleep on the floor if you want, the sofa was just a suggestion," My Mum snickered.

"Muuuummm," I whined.

"Ah, is Mr Billionaire not used to this type of life?" Gemma cooed.

"I'll pay you to switch with me?" I smiled.

"Ah ah, i'll be on the sofa next to you," Gemma smiled.

"But what about Katie, where will she sleep?" I asked.

"Umm," my Mum thought. "I don't know Gemma can go on the floor of your room and Katie can take the other couch," 

"Mummm," Gemma whined this time. "I'm not going on the floor," 

"It's one night Gemma," Mum reminded her. "Now stop acting like kids and start acting your own age," She sighed. 


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