The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Eleanor's POV

"Well I'm just finishing up my shoot now, so you can bring Ellen down here if you want, ok, great, bye," I spoke into my phone to Katie. 

"Ok Eleanor, we have two more outfits," Stacey smiled at me holding up two brightly coloured dresses.

"Great," I said, returning her smile.

It was quite fun being a pregnant model, whilst changing I often had to have someone help me, but on the plus side I got to keep all of the clothes. It's quite hard to find nice pregnant clothing, but with these photo shoots, I got paid and I got free clothes. win, win if you ask me. 


Katie's POV

"Hello, who are you here to see?" A tall man asked me as I entered the building Eleanor had told me to come too.

"I'm here too see Eleanor Calder," I smiled at him.

"Nice try sweetie," He sighed, flipping though a magazine.

"Sorry, are you not going to let me though?" I asked.

"Nah ah," He said blankly. 

"Have you made an appointment to see her?" He questioned.

"I am meant to be meeting her here," I replied.

"Can I see some ID?" He asked.

"I have her child in a pushchair in front of me if you wanna see that," I answered.

The man fiddled around with some buttons before speaking into a voice machine.

"Hi, umm shelly, we have a young girl down here to meet Eleanor," Hs spoke. "Apparently she has here child,"  

The women on the other end 'Shelly' replied, but the connection was blurry and I couldn't make out what she was saying.

"Umm she had dark hair, late teens," He said, looking me up and down. 

I can't believe this Shelly asked what I looked like!

"Send her up Nigel!" I heard Eleanor shout down the speaker. 


"Sorry Nigel wouldn't let you up," Eleanor smiled, lifting Ellen out of her pushchair. 

"We have frequent fans hoping to meet the boys up here," She laughed. 

"Ok, Eleanor last outfit," A women instructed as I toke Ellen out of her arms.

"I'll be right back," El smiled, walking over to the white screen in front of a few different camera's.

I kept Ellen amused as Eleanor smiled for the camera, doing various different poses. 

"Mummy." Ellen said, out stretching her arms towards Eleanor. 

"Mommy's a bit busy," I replied.

"Mummy," Ellen said raising her voice.

"Mummy," Ellen continued, breaking into tears.

"What about if we sit down?" I asked, sitting Ellen down on the floor and then sitting down cross legged next to her.

"Mummy," She continued, jumping up and running over to Eleanor.

"Oh Ellen mind out," Eleanor said, as the child ran into her leg.

I followed the run away Ellen trying to get her off the white screen.

"Mummy's almost finished," Eleanor smiled at her. "Go to Auntie Katie," 

"Come on Ellen," I smiled.

"Quickly grab her and then I'll be done," Eleanor instructed.

Most of the camera crew were still snapping away and a few lther people had gathered to see Ellen cause havoc.

I tried picking her up, but she stayed glued to her mother's leg.

"Come on Ellen," I giggled. 

I started to tickle her belly, hoping it would make her laugh. She let out a small giggle, as I laughed with her, before I eased her into my arms and carried her of the set. 


"Thank you for this whole day," Eleanor smiled as we sat in Starbucks after her shoot.

"No promblemo," I replied.

"And thanks for dealing with missy here at the shoot," She laughed.

"I'm a natural," I giggled.

"Well one day you and Harry will have beautiful babies and I will have trained you up," Eleanor smiled, sipping her coffee.

"Trained me?" I questioned her chose of words.

"Oh yes, there will be plenty more babysitting days to come, just you wait," 



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