The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


79. 79


"See you at seven," I called as I slammed the car door behind me.

I quickly walked towards the lift as it was rather cold and windy. I stepped into the empty lift and went straight to my floor. I walked along the corridor towards the end door until I remembered I no longer lived there. I grabbed my key out of my bag and unlocked the right door before walking inti the flat. 

I had to walk sideways though the hallway to fit though the small gap where they weren't boxes. I looked around the empty flat before flopping onto the sofa. I smiled as I looked up to see the huge picture of me and Harry hanging above the fir place. It was a photo of us when we were in Hawaii on the beach. 

I scrolled though my twitter mentions, seeing a lot of photos of the boys and us at the airport. I didn't even know there was anyone around. I guess the fans had good zoom on their camera. I flicked though one until i got the the last one which was me and Harry. It was a clear photo and it was from the right angle that you could just about make out that Harry's lips were on my neck. Oh man, I missed him already. 

I then scrolled though my Instagram seeing Niall had posted a group selfie of all 5 of them on the plane and I had been tagged in a few of the same photos as on twitter. I looked at the one of me and Harry again and one fan had circled where Harry was kissing my neck. Great, Paul was gonna love that. 

I was now really bored and decided to go annoy Liv. I walked out my flat and straight into hers, which happened to be unlocked. 

"G'day," I said as I entered which now was just her living room.

"Hey," She replied. "Have you just got back?" She asked me.

"Nah got back like 20 minutes ago, but then I got bored and came to annoy you," I smiled, sitting on the opposite couch to her. 

"What you watching?" I ask looking up at the TV which was clearly the news. 

"And in recent news we all know the one direction boys start their North America tour today as photos of the boys at the airport have been all over the internet. The 5 members plus the 4 girlfriends all said their goodbyes, whilst band member, Harry Styles' ex also seemed to be on the scene saying her farewells.  I'll let you decide what this means, have they gotten back together? Or is she just following them everywhere  and being clingy? Now over to Matt for the weather" the news reporter spoke. 

"Soz," I said to the TV. "Am i a bit clingy for ya?" I asked.

Liv smiled, turning off the TV and lying back onto the sofa. "You crazy gal," She sighed.



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