The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


68. 68


Second time rewriting this, oh how I live when my wifi crashes!


Katie's POV

"Here it comes," I sighed as I watched as Louis and Zayn pulled into the campsite entrance. 

"Here comes what?" Liv asked.

"Them laughing their ass' of at us," I replied. 

The car approached us as we all followed it with our eyes. We were sat in a small circle outside. It was a cold November morning so we sat on our camp chair inside our sleeping bags. 

Louis and Zayn pulled up beside the tent and climbed out of the car.

"You are idiots," Were the first words that Louis said.

"Can't believe that we leave you for one night and you all get smashed," Zayn laughed.

"Obviously shows who the mature ones are," Louis added.

"Just shut up and help us put the tent down," Niall said as we all stood up.

I walked into the tent and towards my room. I unzipped in slowly as Harry was asleep. I stepped slowly onto the airbed, but as it dipped down harry groaned as I woke him up.

I sat down next to him pushing his hair out of his face.

"It's time to wake up," I said slowly.

He stayed still.

"Come on Harry, we are putting the tent down," I continued. 

With his eyes still closed he reached his arms out grabbing my waist and pulling me down so I was laying next to him. 

"Come on now Harry," I said as he tightened his grip behind my back.

"The quicker you get up the quicker we can go home," I whispered as his face was so close to mine there was no need to talk.

I placed my arms behind his neck as we lay here for a few moments.

"I love you." He whispered, finally opening his eyes.

"I love you too," I smiled, as he nuzzled his head into my neck. 

"Oh sorry are we interrupting something here?" Louis asked as I looked up to find everyone stood in the doorway for our room.

"No, we are just getting up," I smiled.

"No, we are gonna stay here forever," I could feel Harry's hot breathe on my neck as he spoke.

"We will leave you to it." Liv said as they all wondered off.

"Come on now," I said, trying to wriggle out of Harry's reach. 

I helped the other's put the tent down as Harry sat in the car on his phone. Oh how I wish I was ill. 

We were soon done and went to join him in the seven seated car.

"Ok, seating arrangements..." Louis said, trailing of at the end. 

"I think we can all guess them," Liam said.

Everyone turned to face me and Harry.

"That's not fair," I said, reading the signals they were all sending me. 

"It's cuz we're the youngest," Liam whinned in a terrible American accent. 

"Back, now," Louis instructed.

Me and Harry climbed into the terribly small back, after I complained a bit more. 

Harry struggled to sit properly as he didn't know what to do with his long legs. He soon resulted into stretched the out across my lap. He lent his head on my shoulder, so the majority of his body weight was leaning against me, as he fell asleep. 



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