The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


65. 65


Katie's POV

I watched as Paul drove slowly across the field towards our large tent. He had come to pick up what Harry called 'the wimps' who were either too cold or too scared they were about to give birth. Again according to Harry only the 'real men' were left. The 'real men' meaning me, Harry, Liv, Niall and Liam.

We helped the other put there bags onto the bus and they all climbed aboard.


"See you guys soon," 

"Later wimps,"

Were the mix of responses as they climbed onto the bus. I reckon you can guess who said the last one. 

"Have fun in the cold," Louis smiled, before pulling the mini bus door shut.

We waved them off as Paul drove out of the campsite and down the small county lane.

"Now the party begins!" Niall smiled as soon as they were out of sight.

"It's perfect, now they are gone we can get drunk," Liam added.

"Oh yes, because waking up in the freezing cold with a hangover sounds great," I replied.

"Come on, it the perfect opportunity," Niall answered. 

"The pregnant women are gone, Louis and Zayn are being all Daddy aware and Shayla is on some wedding diet. But the five of us," He smiled at the end. 

"Oh god," Liv sighed.





I could feel my head throbbing as I woke up. I refused to open my eyes as I knew the brightness was too much. I lay in a un confutable poison and I'm pretty sure I wasn't on an airbed, either that or i had fallen off of it in the night. 

I heard someone grunt near me. I immediately opened my eyes in terror. I regretted it completely. 

Not only did I feel extremely dizzy from opening my eyes and sitting up straight, but I didn't really like the sight i saw.

I was lying in one of the rooms of the tent, along with everyone else. Niall and Harry were fast asleep leaning against the side of the tent with a beer can each in their hand. 

Liv had spread herself out in the middle of the floor and had a pattern of beer bottles surrounding her. I was on the other side of the room and the only one in a sleeping bag and Liam wasn't even in the room. 

There were beer cans and beer bottles everywhere, along with a few empty wine bottles, like the one placed near were my head had been.

Liam wasn't joking when he said we were gonna get drunk. I don't even remember what happened last night. 

I soon decided that Niall and Harry leaning against each others shoulders with beer cans in their hands was too of a perfect moment for not getting a photo. 

I creeped out of the room quietly and walked into my original room, rummaging in my bag for my phone. I walked back to the other room, still curios where Liam may be. 

I quickly took a photo before they moved and thought it was too good not to put of Instagram.

I put the caption: think these boys had a bit too much to drink @niallhoran @harrystyles

I waited for my 3G to load for ages, before it finally posted. I guess you don't get great service in the country side. 



-Not my best chapter, but oh well.

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