The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


59. 59

Louis' POV

"Now you be a good girl for Granny now," I smiled at Ellen as I handed her to my Mum.

She was going to be looking after her for the week.

"Well we are kind of in a rush, so we probably should get going," I smiled to my Mum. 

"That's fine," My Mother smiled. "You kids have fun," 

"Bye," Me and Eleanor chorused. 

We walked towards the car and I opened the car door for El as she climbed in. 

I also climbed in and started to drive. I saw El fiddling with the radio and soon Christmas music started to play.

"It's November," I reminded.

"It's never to early for Christmas music," She smiled. 

Eleanor started to sing along to a few songs, but I soon saw her eyes go heavy and she was soon fast asleep. 

It was 6am as we had to drop Ellen of and we were leaving for the campsite at seven. 

We arrived back at out block of flats and I parked the car. 

"El, it's time to wake up," I smiled, gently shaking her.

"We gotta get our bags and then go camping," I said softly.

Her eye lids opened to revile her sparkling eyes I could never get tired of looking at as I helped her out of the car and into the lift. 

I grabbed both of our bags and held Eleanor's hand as we walked downstairs. 

I noticed a random mini bus parked in the middle of the car park, with a familiar Paul sat in the front seat.

"I didn't know you were taking us?" I questioned, I said approching the mini bus.

"Yeah, I though it would be check up on your guys, you know, before the tour," He smiled.

"Ok," I replied, not questioning it.

Then mini bus consisted of four rows of seats of three, and two seats facing two seats at the back. 

"Well we have first pick, so where would you like to sit?" I asked El. 

"Well I'm thinking Katie, Harry and Liv will want to sit in the four at the back, so we could got he row in front of them?" She suggested.  

"That's good with me," I smiled.

"Who are we picking up next?" I called to Paul.

He ignored me.

"Earth calling Paulll!" I shouted.

"Do you think that's like sound proof glass or something?" Eleanor asked, pointing to the glass window separating Paul and then the rest of the bus.

"Probably for the best, road trips with us are pretty noisy," I smiled.  


Zayn's POV

"Perrie, it's time to wake up," I spook quietly and gently as her eyes fluttered open and met mine.

"Morning beautiful," I smiled, kissing her lips.

"What time is it, it seems way to early?" Perrie questioned.

"It's ten to seven, we are being picked up by Louis in ten minutes," I reminded her.

"Okay, I'm going for a quick shower," She smiled, walking into the bathroom.

I got our bags ready by the door and made some toast quickly, whilst she was in the shower.

"Breakfast is served," I smiled, as we had a few slices of toast each.

"I'm really looking forward to this trip," Perrie smiled.

"Me too," I replied.

"I'm really going to miss you when you go on tour,"  She said.

"I'm sure a few visits can be arranged, and we have the last week of every month off, so it won't be that bad," I smiled.

"And me, Louis and Liam have already asked about getting more time of at weekends to visit our growing children," I smiled, looking at her bump.

"So at the weekends, the concerts will just the the Niall and Harry show?" Perrie laughed.

I spotted a mini bus outside in the car park, that's probably Louis. Wait, how did he get a mini bus?

"You ready to go babe?" I asked.

"Uh ha," She replied. 

I picked up both of our bags and we walked down stairs into the car park.

"Hey Paul, how come your taking us?" I asked as we walked towards the mini bus.

"Umm...Harry asked for me too and I agreed," He said quickly.

"Oh cool," I smiled as me and Perrie climbed aboard the bus. 

"Hey Tommo," I smiled as we greeted Louis and El.

"How are you guys doing?" Louis asked.

"Good, thanks yourselves?" Perrie replied.

"Tired, but excited," Eleanor smiled. 

"Where do you want to sit?" I asked Perrie.

"Hmm, let's have an inspection of the seat options," Perrie said, walking around the bus. 

I noticed the seats of four at he back had a piece of paper leaning against one of them saying: reserved for Katie and Harry to make out without Paul realising 

We soon agreed to sit in the row in front of Louis and Eleanor.

"Nice one with the sign," I laughed, turning to face Louis.

"I do try," He smiled. 


Liam's POV

"Babe, it's time to wake up," I sang softly as Amber lay sleeping peacefully next to me.

"I'm awake," She smiled, unmoved.

"Come on, it's already seven," I said.

"Louis will be late though won't he," Amber laughed as she sat up.

"True," I smiled, peaking her lips before walking out of the bedroom.

She soon followed me as I made two cups of tea, which we drank whilst sat at the kitchen table.

"We should probably go and get dressed and then head down to the car park," Amber suggested.

"Sounds good, I'm looking forward to spending a week with all of us," I smiled.

"So am I," Amber smiled. 

We got changed into comfy clothes as we would be driving for at least 4 hours to get to the campsite.

We then headed down to the car park, I insisted on taking Amber's bag, but she wouldn't let me. 

"Hey Paul?" I said as I was about to open the door of the mini bus.

"Hey Liam," He replied.

"How come your taking us?" I asked.

"Just...thought, it would be nice," He smiled.

"Well thanks," I smiled, as me and Amber climbed into the mini bus.

"Hey guys," I smiled as we entered.

I got some tired 'hey's' from Zayn, Louis, Eleanor and Perrie who all looked half asleep already. 

We took the row of seats in front of Zayn and Perrie and made our selves confutable and Paul started to drive to Niall's.


Niall's POV

"Crap," I said as I sat up remembering it was the camping trip today. 

I looked at my watch, it was already 10 past seven and Louis was meant to be meeting us in the car park at seven. I was so dead.

"Shay, wake up, we're running late," I said.

She sat up and looked at her watch.

"We better get a move on," She said.

We quickly got dressed and I grabbed a packet of crisps for the journey as we grabbed our bags and ran out he door.

We arrived in the car park outside our flats at seven twenty. Louis was no where to be seen.

"Well we rushed for nothing," I laughed as I sat on my suitcase and opened my pack of crisps.

Shayla sat down next to me on her suitcase as she lent against my arm. I put my arm around her shoulder and kissed her forehead quickly. 

About five minutes later a mini bus pulled in to he car park. 

"I wonder why Paul is driving?" I asked as the mini bus drove nearer to us.

"I dunno, you will have to ask him," Shayla smiled. 

"How come your driving?" I asked Paul.

"Just making sure everyone is ready for the tour," He smiled.

We climbed onto the mini bus and joined the loud conversation. 

"Your the forth person who has asked Paul why he's here," Louis smiled.

"I know it's a bit random him taking us, do you reckon Harry will ask him too?" I asked.

"Paul would probably be really annoyed by that stage," Eleanor laughed. 

Shayla and I took our seats at the front of the bus in front of Liam and Amber. I finished of my packets of crisps and everyone keep commenting saying how typical it was of me to bring food. 


Katie's POV

"I know this is unknown to you and it's only 10 past seven, but you have gotta wake up," Liv shouted at me. 

I rolled over, so I had my back to her.

"Katie, come on," She shouted.

"I'm not a morning person," I groaned.

"I guessed that long ago," Liv replied.

"Come on, we are meant to meet Louis in the car park for seven," Liv carried on.

"Get up," She shouted, leaving my bedroom.

I stayed in the same position.


Liv's POV

"Harry!" I called as I knocked on his door.

"Just coming," I heard him call.

"What do you want?" He asked, coping my tone from yesterday.

"Basically, we are meant to meet Louis down there at seven and guess who's still asleep?" I asked. 

"I can't promise I'm going to be any help," He shrugged.

"Worth a shot," I smiled.

"Last time we woke her up it didn't go very well," He reminded me as we walked into our flat.

"I've already tried, it's your turn now," I smiled, pushing him into Katie's bedroom. 

I waited outside the door for about 5 minutes, before they both came out.

"Oh, so you'll wake up for him, but not me?" I smiled.

"Come on, we're already late," Harry said.

"I'll meet you guys down there as Paul is driving so we need to arrive separately.

"Bye," Katie smiled as he walked out the front door.

"Let's go," I instructed as we picked up our bags and started heading towards the lift.

We waited int he car park for about 10 minutes and no sign of Louis coming to pick us up.


Harry's POV

"I can't promise I'm going to be any help," I shrugged.

"Worth a shot," Liv smiled.

I followed her into her flat as we walked down the corridor towards Katie's bedroom.

"Last time we woke her up it didn't go very well," I reminded her.

She shrugged. "I've already tried, it's your turn now," She smiled, pushing me into Katie's bedroom.

"Good morning sleepy head," I said, approsching her bed.

"Go away," I just about made out Katie's reply as she was talking into her pillow.

I lay down next to her, as I pulled the duvet over me. I shuffled up closer to her, so our faces where inches apart.

"It's time to get up," I whispered.

"No," She replied, opening her eyes.

"Yes," i replied.

I touched her cheek as our lips touched, I started to sit up as our lips stayed as once.

The kiss got deeper as I ran my hands down her body so they were soon under her legs. I swang my legs over the bed, carring Katie's small body in my arms as our kiss contuined.

I placed her on the own gently as she broke the kiss.

"I'm only a good morning for you," She smiled, as our lips joined again.

This time I was the one to break the kiss.

"Now, get changed so we can go camping," I instructed.


Katie's POV

"Morning," I greeted everyone as Liv and I climbed onto the mini bus.

"Morning," They all replied.

"Where should we sit?" I asked Liv.

"Looks like here," She smiled, pointing to a hand made sign lent against the two back seats.

"Very funny," I said, reading the sign.

"Thank you very much," Louis smiled, leaning around from the seat infront of us.

Liv and I sat down on the two back seats as I rested my feet upon the seat in front of me.

I saw Liv plug her headphones into her ears as she closed her eyes, I looked out the window to see Harry walking towards the mini bus.

He ran his fingers though her hair slowly which happened in slow motion in my mind. I watched him slowly walk onto the bus as he walked straight to the back, greeting the others on the way as he sat down oppsite Liv, placing his feet on my lap.

I looked at him as his eyes never left mine as I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Let's go!" Louis shouted, ruining our moment.

"Yayy!" Everyone shouted, including me and Harry as Paul started to drive out of the car park.

I glanced over at Liv who I think was already asleep.




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