The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


56. 56


Katie's POV

My phone vibrated on the coffee table which was just out of my reach from my postion on the sofa.

Should I?

I reached towards the coffee table, but failed to grab my phone. I then found I reached a little too far and found myself on my floor, still phoneless.

I pulled myself up and grabbed my phone walking into the kitchen whilst unlocking it.

'just finished, paul talked to me, be back in 5 x'

I read Harry's texted as I walked into the kitchen. I looked up from my phone to open the fridge to find and Liv and Ryan in my way having a cheeky little make out session.

"Woah guys," I exclaimed, turning around and walking out of the kitchen.

I guess I would have to wait for food, I went back into the lounge and lay down on the sofa. closing my eyes and relaxing.


Harry's POV

I parked my car in the carpark and walked up to our block of apartments. I walked up to the lift and waited for it too I guess you could say 'arrive'.

The lift soon came and Ryan stepped out.

"Oh hey Harry," He smiled.

"Hi," I replied.

"I'm just heading off, shame I missed you," Ryan smiled.

"Hmm, shame," I replied,no emotion showing on my face.

"Well, see ya," He smiled waving as he walked off.

"Bye," I replied.

Why did I hate that guy? He called Katie fit and said he was trying to impress her. But there seemed more too it.

I walked up to the front door of Katie's flat to find it unlocked as usral. I walked in and it was un usrally quiet.

"Hello?" I called.

"Hello?" Liv replied, coping my tone.

"Oh hey Liv," I smiled, as I walked into the kitchen.

"She's in the living room," She sighed, answering before I had even asked.

"Thanks," I smiled, turning on my heel and walking out of the kitchen.

I entered he living room to find Katie lying peacefully on the sofa.

"So Paul talked to me," I said.

No reply.

I walked up to the sofa and sat on the end of it.

"Earth calling Katie," I said.

Her breathing was heavy and I would be an idiot to assume she wasn't asleep. Because 4pm wasn't a big enough lie in for her, so she decided to go to bed at 7pm.

I could be the nice boyfriend and sing softly until she woke up, but that was old school.

I would just have to wake her up the Harry way...





I was thinking of creating a One Direction instagram? Like there are so many out there and I thought it might be quite fun to make edits and stuff. I have a personal instagram, but do you think I should make a 1D one? Comment below.

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