The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Harry's POV

It was almost a week after our double date and Paul till hadn't spoken to me about it, I hadn't even seen him as he was getting everything ready for the tour.

The camping trip was tomorrow and everyone was just having a quiet day apart from an interview we had later on this afternoon.

I walked round to Katie's and let my self in as the door was open. Ryan was sat in the living room watching the football. I tryed walking quietly into the kitchen so he wouldn't notice or talk to me.

"Harry," He called just as I was almost safe in the kitchen.

"Ryan," I smiled, trying to act excited.

"How have you been, havn't seen you lately?" He smiled.

"I've been good, how about yourself?" I asked.

"Same old, same old," He smiled.

There was a long awkward silence.

"So who's playing?" I asked.

"Don't even know, just trying to impress the ladies," He winked.

The fact that he said ladies I'm guessing meant Liv and Katie. This is why I hated this guy so much.

"Well I'm gonna go and find Katie," I said awkwardly, leaving the living room.

"Knock knock," I said whilst entering Katie's bedroom.

"Oh hey," She smiled, as she was chucking some clothes into a suitcase. 

"Hyped up for tomorrow," She exclaimed.

"You such an American," I smirked, jumping onto her bed and making myself comfutable.

"Very much looking forward to tomorrow," She said in that typical posh British accent.

"You need help packing," I asked. "Cuz you ain't getting it from me," 

I lent back against the wall with my hands behind my back.

"How considerate of you," She replied, her back facing me.

"Oh and just make yourself at home, why don't you?" She added.

"Thank you," I smiled, watching as she folded a few t-shirts. 

"Why did Louis chose to go camping in November?" She asked, a few minutes later now zipping up her case.

"It's gonna be frinking frezzing," She complained.

"Well with such a hot boyfriend, you can't get too cold," I smirked, still in the same postion I was before.

"Dream on, Styles," She replied.

"And anyway you not my boufriend," She corrected, dragging her suitcase out the room.

"I'm guessing Paul hasn't spoken to you yet," She questioned, sitting down on the end of the bed by my feet.

"No, but he probably will later after our interview," I sighed.

"Your be fine," She smiled.

"The worst that will happen is he will have a go at you," 






(at the interview)


Louis' POV

"I hope you boys have all packed for our trip tomorrow?" I questioned as we sat on a sofa waiting for the interview to start.

"Uh ha," Most replied.

"Probably need to do that at some stage," Niall smiled. 

Typical Niall leaving it till last minute, he was far too innocent.

"Right boys, your on in 5 minutes so can you go and take your seats?" Paul asked.

"Harry I'll talk to you at the end," Paul added.

"What have you done know Harrold?" I laughed.

But from Harry's facil expression it didn't look like her was up for jokes. 

We made our selfs comfutable on the sofa as we had some more hairspray put in our hair. The amount of hairspray we got though to keep with our typical quiffs, that only Niall and Harry seemed to have today. 

A few minutes later Jonathon Ross tock his seat at his desk and the camera's started filming.

"Okay boys, I'm gonna get straight into it," Jonathon said. "Let's talk about your Love life's," He smiled. "How many of you are in a relationship?" He asked.

We all put our hands up apart from Harry who just sat there smiling.

"Aww, lone wolf in the middle," Jonathon commented.

"That's ironic as I've heard that your the womaniser," He laughed, as did the aduiance. 

"Why does everyone say that?" Harry exclaimed, also laughing.

"Okay, let's talk about marriage. Louis and Zayn if I am correct you are both married?" He asked.

"Indeed you are Jonathon," I replied.

"And Louis, or should I say Daddy Tomlinson," He smiled. 

The adiance wooped as he said this.

"How's life as a parent?" He asked.

"It's great, you just get to do the simplest things and it makes all the diffrence," I smiled.

"Well you might need to be giving these boys some advice soon I hear as there are more babies on the way, am I correct?" He asked.

"Yes you are," Liam smiled proudly.

"So is it three on the way?" He asked.

"Yep, me, Liam and Louis," Zayn smiled.

"Well good luck to you all," He smiled.

"Thank you," Liam replied.

"Let's head over to Niall has been sat quietly at the end," Jonathon smiled. "So you and your finacé, what's her name?" He asked.

"Shayla," He replied. 

"So, you and Shayla, do you know when the big day is yet?" He asked. 

"Not yet, there has been a lot of planning going into the wedding, but we're not sure of a date yet," Niall answeredo.

"And Harry, I feel mean for leaving you out," He smiled. "Although you may not have a current love life, you have had in the past, am I right?" He smiled.

The adiance laughed and wooped.

"Everyone always picks on me," Harry laughed.

"But you have had quite a few girlfriends," Jonathon contuined.

"Taylor Swift, Caroline Flack, I could go on all day," He said, this made the adiance loss it with laughter.

"So your not planning on getting married or having a baby just yet are you?" He asked.

"No, not yet," Harry answered.

"And where do you see yourself's in 3 years boys?" Jonathon asked. "Niall maybe with kids?" He asked.

"Maybe, I don't know," Niall shrugged. "These past three years that we have been together have gone so fast and I'm sure the next 3 years will too," 

"Also he can't say no cause if the kid watchs this he will be like 'oh cheers'," Harry added.

"You don't want no unplanned babies," Liam laughed.

"Bit you know how to avoid unplanned pregnancy's?" Jonathon asked.

"Yes," Niall replied. 

"Ask Harry," Jonathon added.

This sent the crowd into fits of laughter and I felt a laugh escape my lips aswell, I looked down the row and all 5 of us were laughing, Niall was practilly in tears from the laughter.

The interview ended and we thanked and said goodbye to Jonathon.

We walked out the room happily and greeted Paul in the same room we sat waiting for the interview.

"Harry," Paul said, Harry nodded following Paul into another room.

"What do you think that's all about?" Liam asked.

"I'm guessing it starts with a K and ends with and E," I replied.



Most of this chapter came from aJonathon Ross interview, One direction did we him a few weeks ago. It is actually so funny, check it out,I changed it up a bit, but I loved it so much.

Keepcommenting, liking and all that jazz x





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