The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Harry's POV

I felt my eyelids going heavy as Katie lay silently next to me. I pulled her in closer and wrapped my arms around her waist, locking our bodies next to each other. I rested my chin on the top of her head as I felt myself falling into a deep sleep.



Liv's POV

"Your friends going to wake up any time soon?" Ryan asked as we finshed watching the third movie.

"Give them like four more hours," I smiled.

It was about half three, so Katie and Harry will probably be seraching for food in about an hour or so. We could ask them about tonight then. I was so excited, it will finally give them a chance to get to know Ryan, I have been keeping him a secret for so long.


Louis' POV

"Can you say Daddy is the best person is the whole entire world?" I said in that typical voice you use around babies.

"Lou, she one," Eleanor laughed.

"Well you got to get the useful phrases in her head when she's young," I turned round to smile at her for a spilt second.

I held Ellen up so her stood on my knee's as I held her hands.

"Yes, this is how you stand," I smiled, again with the baby voice.

I heard El groan from the bathroom.

"You okay babe?" I shouted, making some funny faces at Ellen, whilst she giggled away.

There was a long phase. "Yeah, I'm fine," She replied.

"You sure," I asked.

No reply.

"Let's go see Mummy," I smiled at Ellen. "Can you say Mama?" I asked.

"Mama," Ellen reapeated.

"Can you say Dada?" I asked.

"Dodo," She replied, egh close enough. 

"You okay El?" I called making my way though the the bathroom.

I found her sat on the floor gripping onto the side of the bathroom.

"What happened?" I exclaimed.

"Ah, I just fell over, I'm fine," She smiled, oviously in pain. 

I sat Ellen down gently in the bath as I helped Eleanor up.

"You missy are anything but fine," I smiled, picking up Ellen and placing her on my hip whilst I helped Eleanor to the living room.

"Lou, your over reacting, I'm just tired," She smiled.

I helped her lay down on the sofa, whilst she toke Ellen from my arms. I got her a blanket and a hot water bottle and tucked her up on the sofa.

"How about you have a nap and I take missy here out for a bit?" I suggested. "Give you some peace," I smiled.

"Thank you Lou," She smiled, I bent down to kiss her forhead, before lifing Ellen up and into my arms. 

I grabbed her pushchair and strapped her in before grabbing my jacket and a small blanket. I tucked Ellen in as it was quite windy outside. I locked the front door and started walking to Harry's.

I texted Liv whilst walking there. 

Yo Liv, get Katie and Harry off of each other, me and Ellen are on our way

I sent it and carried on walking, I knocked on Katie's front door, knowing Harry would 99.9% be here. 

"Louis?" Liv asked, confused to see me.

"Good afternoon to you too," I smiled walking in tpwith the push chair. "I'm guessing you didn't get my text," I laughed.

"No I didn't," She replied.

"Well Eleanor's not feeling to great, so I though I would give you some companing seeing as Katie and Harry are still in bed," I sighed.

"Liv," Someone called from the living room.

"Coming," She replied, walking into the living room.

I unstrapped Ellen from her pushchair and followed her into the living room.

"Louis, this is Ryan," Liv smiled.

"Hi," I nodded awkwardly.

They were in the middle of a movie and I felt kinda awkward.

"Well I'll go and wake Harry and Katie up," I smiled, walking out of the living room.

Does Liv have a boyfriend? Does Liv have a brother? 

I quietly opened the bedroom door, to find them both asleep in each others arms, how cute. 

I carefully placed Ellen in the middle of them, walking towards the door.

"What?" Harry mumbled. "What's that?" He asked.

He opened his eyes to find aellen in his face.

"Dodo," Ellen said.

"That's Dodo," Harry smiled, also in the baby voice, pointing to me. 

Ellen looked at me and back to Harry, poking his nose.

"I'm Harry," Harry said slowly.

"Harrryy," He repeated.

"Hairy," Ellen repeated.

Harry started to laugh as Ellen started poking his nose again and again.

"What? What's happening?" Katie asked sitting up.

"Ellen!" She exclaimed, lifing Ellen up above her head and then pulling her in a hug.

"Hairy," Ellen called, holding her arms out to Harry.

"I think your find, she likes me better," Harry smirked.

"Eleanor can you say Katie?" Katie asked, again using that baby voice.

Ellen was still looking at Harry with her arms out streched. 

"No," Ellen replied.

"Find den," Katie replied, passing her over to Harry.

Luckily from the moment ainput Ellen down on the bed I had my phone recording the hole thing. eleanor was gonna love this. 


Author's note:


This chapter had loads of diffrent point of views, because I wanted to spice it up a bit. Let me know what ya all think! 


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