The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Katie's POV

I woke up hearing Harry singing softly as I lay on his lap. His chest was rising and falling as he toke a new breathe. His singing was southing and relaxing. 

"The story of my life, I'll take her home, I'll drive all night to keep her warm," He sang quietly so it was almost a whisper.

He then fell silent and soon after began to laugh.

"Katie, I know your not asleep," He smirked.

I waited for a bit before answering.

"Yes, I am," I whined.

"Your lying on top on me, I can feel your breathing patterns," Harry laughed. 

He turned me around so I was facing him. 

"You just missed the girls," Harry said.

"Why?" I asked, leaning against his shoulder.

"They wanted to know if you wanted to go shopping later," Harry answered.

"But that means I have to get out of bed," I complained.

Harry was literally the comfiest thing I had ever slept on. 

"Well you will have to get out of bed later today anyway," Harry said.

"No, I don't," I complained.

"Fine, I'll go to dinner alone tonight," Harry replied.

"Argh," I sighed.

"Let's get up," Harry said. "Eleanor said meet her at her's at half four," Harry told me.

I looked at my digital clock to find it was 4:23. 

"Crap," I exclaimed.

"Better get a move on," Harry laughed. 

"You too," I replied. "Cuz I ain't walking," 

I heard him sigh as I ran into my bathroom with some black disco pants and a fluffy pink sweater. 

I quickly slipped my cloths on, brushed my teeth, then hair and chucked on the same black beanie as I wore yesterday. 

There was a knock at the front door, that must be Harry.

"I'm comingg!" i called whilst frantically running around trying to find my other converse. I found it, grabbed my bag and opened the door. 

"Let's go," I shouted rushing out the door, Harry didn't follow. He stayed put standing in the door way.

"As much as I would like to go with you sweetheart, I'm here for Liv," He smiled, his american accent showing.

"Sorry wrong person," I smiled.

"No worries," He smiled.

I whacked my fist a couple of times on Harry's front door before shouting to Liv.

"Yo, Liv! Get your ass out here right now!" I shouted.

Harry then opened his door looking quite causal.

"Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go," I shouted, grabbing his hand and dragging him down the corridor. 

We got into Harry's car and started to drive.

"Who was that guy at your door?" He asked.

"No idea, I mistook him for you though," I replied.

"You didn't kiss him did you?" Harry questioned.

"No, I just shouted at him let's go as I ran out the door," I answered.

"He asked for Liv anyway," I added.

"Liv has a boyfriend?" Harry asked.

"Dunno, could be her brother as he was american," I answered.

"Liv has a brother?" Harry asked.

"Dunno," I replied.

"You don't know much about Liv do you?" He laughed.

"I know what I need to know," I smiled.

We pulled up at Eleanor's flat with all the girls waiting outside the building.

"Thanks Haz," I smiled, jumping out the car.

"Yo, lover boy," Eleanor shouted as Harry.

"Uh-ha..?" He replied, probably not liking the nickname.

"All the boys are up in our flat, you can join them if you want?" She suggested.

"Uh-ha," Harry repeated, getting out of his car.

We all climbed into Eleanor's car, Perrie in the front and me, Shayla and Amber in the back. Obviously I got forced into the middle because it was a slightly smaller seat. 

"It's good to have some girl time once in a while," Amber smiled.

"Deffiently," Perrie agreed. 

We carried on driving, Eleanor turning the Radio on as 'Can we dance' by the Vamps was just starting. 

"I like this song," Perrie smiled, turning it up louder.

Everyone started to sing along and we had a little party in the car.

"Brad, from the Vamps is my second cousin," I told them.

"No way, that's so cool!" Shayla exclaimed.

"There so cute, like a mini One Direction," Eleanor smiled.

"There are really good though," Amber smiled. 

"Hey, how come your not british then?" Perrie asked.

"My Mum moved to America and meet my Dad who was American," I explained.



















"Just think what life would have been like if you had never moved here?" Eleanor questioned.

"It would be weird," Amber replied.

"And quiet," Shayla added.

"And lonely," Eleanor added. "Mainly for Harry," She smirked. 

She turned round to smile at me and I just rolled my eyes.

"You guys are ridiculous," I sighed.

"No, but it's true, you are literally the cutest couple I've ever seen," Eleanor carried on.

"I never remember me and Louis being that cute," She added on.

"That's cause your married now, you have a family," I answered.

"Oh yes, this little bump," Eleanor sighed.

I looked around the car, Eleanor and Perrie were both visibly pregnant, Amber not so much.

"So how's the pregnancy's going?" I asked.

"Going alright," Perrie nodded.

"I'm kind of used to it," Eleanor sighed, I'm guessing she's talking about morning sickness.

"It's still early days with me, not much has changed," Amber added.









"Why?" Perrie asked.

"I dunno," I shrugged.

"Your not pregnant are you?!" Eleanor exclaimed.

"Noo," I laughed.

"Good, because you missy are far too young," Eleanor instructed.

"Only a bit younger than you guys," I objected. 





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