The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Harry's POV

We walked back into Katie's room hand in hand, our free hands holding our hot chocolates. I lay on the bed sipping my hot chocolate slowly as Katie came to join me, she snuggled into my bare chest as I wrapped my arm around her.

"You know we can't just say in bed all day?" I told her.

"Why not?" She replied, looking up at me.

I kissed her forehead quickly.

"It's not good for you, people become crazy because they spend too much time shut away in a room," I explained.

"Oh yeah because staying in bed for one whole day is going to turn us into crazy cat people," She laughed. 

"Oh yeah, your already a crazy cat person," She laughed.

"Love you too," I smiled.

We stayed silent for a few moments, not the awkward type, it was just nice. I rested my chin onto Katie's head as we cuddled.

"Harry you stink of alcohol," Katie complained.

"That toke a while for your tastes buds to kick in," I smirked.


Liv's POV

"Yeah he's fine," I said to Louis down the phone as Katie had failed to call him, probably busy making out with Harry.

"Can I speak to him?" Louis asked.

"He can't really talk at the moment," I replied.

"Why not, what happen?" Louis exclaimed.

"Well his tongue is half way down Katie's throat at the moment," I sighed.

"So they got back together?" Louis asked.

"Uh-ha," I replied.

"I knew my plan would work," Louis answered, I could almost see the smile on his face.

"I knew you had some sort of a plan," I laughed.

"It was simple, I knew where Harry would be, so I sent Katie there, she obviously found him and Harry is always funny and random when he's drunk so I knew Katie couldn't be annoyed with him. I also knew that instead of being tired and moody when he is hungover, he is extremely convincing and can get you to do pretty much anything." Louis explained. 

"Jesus christ, you were prepared," I laughed.

"So Harry would convince Katie to get back together with him and waa-laaa!" Louis exclaimed.

"But how did you know Harry would stay the night?" I asked.

"By the time Katie had dragged him all the way home, he would be close to passing out and she would be tired too, the only option was to invite him in," I could see Louis was proud of himself, he really had thought this throw. 

"Well gold star to you," I laughed.

"Better go check on the young ones, make sure there using protection," He laughed before hanging up. 




Authors note:

So I'm updating a lot more now as you can probably tell. The story is kinda going somewhere now so it will be quite a bit longer. 

Anyway, Katie and Harry <3 how cute are they! 

I think we all knew they would get back together eventually!

Also I thought I might start putting questions at the end of each update! What da think? Also all the people who don't read the Author's note because there lazy will be confused and we can all laugh all them! 

So, what's your favourite colour? Comment below xxx


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