The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


34. 34


Katie's POV

"Hey, " I smiled to Liv as I entered our arpartment.

"Hey, how was the party?" Liv asked.

"It was good," I smiled, slipping off my shoes and jumping onto the sofa beside her.

"So, what have you been doing?" I asked.

"Just watching movies and pretending that I have friends," She laughed.

"Your friends with members of One Direction, do you know how many girls would kill to be in your postion?" I questioned.

"But I'm only friends with them because there friends with you," Liv pointed out.

"So, you are still allowed to be friends with them," I laughed.

"I know, I know," She smiled. "But I guess it's weird cause in our little group everyone is dating  and then there's me," She smiled.

"And me," I pointed out.

She stared at me for a few seconds.

"What?" I asked.

"You really think I believe that you and Harry actually broke up?" She laughed.

"We did," I replied.

"Come on! You guys spend like every second of everyday together and then suddenly, it's not working," She said.

Could I tell her?

I guess she was my best friend...

"You know what I'm going to tickle you until you tell me the truth," Liv laughed.

"But I'm telling you the truth," I replied.

She then leapt on top of me and started tickling my to death. It must have looked really wrong from behind!

I started to scream and laugh all at the same and try to push Liv of of me.

"Tell me the truth and I will stop," Liv shouted.

"I've already told you the truth," I shouted back between screams and giggles.

"Katie Brown I am your best friend, we live together, I bloody well know when your telling the truth," She said.

"Okay, okay," I said holding up both of my hands.

"Just stop," I said pushing Liv off of me.

"I knew you didn't break up," Liv smiled, oviously proud of herself.

"We didn't break up," I started. "But we were meant to," I said slowly.

"What?" Liv asked, sounding very confused.

I explained to her what Paul said to Harry and I about losing fans and all that. Liv was very understanding and quietly nodded whilst I blabbered on about how I missed Harry even though he only lived next door.

"Well you need to get back together," Liv said at the end.

"We kinda never broke up," I pointed out.

"But your not the same, like you don't go out in public together," She explained.

"I know and I want to. But it's going to coast the boys their carrer, they will keep losing fans," I sighed.

"Look at this," Liv said passing her phoneto me.

It was loads of girls with one direction themed names tweeting Liv to force me and Harry back together. I read though the list of tweets, some were really sweet and some were rather demanding.

"See, the fans love you," Liv said.

"Who's Karry?" i asked, reading though the tweets.

"It's you and Harry, you've been shipped," She laughed.

"Ohhhhh," I said, relising I was being a bit stupid.

I handed Liv back her phone and just on que it vibrated.

"Oh new tweet," She smiled. "Now Katie and Harry have broken up I don't think theirs any point being a directioner," Liv read out.

"Taking it a bit far there," I laughed.

"But see, the fans what you back together. Some more than others," She laughed at thelast tweet.




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