The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Katie's POV


"Anyway I have something important I need to discuss with the two of you..." Paul started.

I looked at Harry worriedly. Paul talking to him, normal. He was his manager. Paul talking to me, weird. I  smiled at him or said 'hi' if I saw him when I was around the boys. Now having a full on conversation, this must be important.

"I kinda need you to break up," He said slowly.

"What?!" Harry exclaimed.

"Your losing fans," Paul started, but Harry interuputed him.

"So you want us to break up because we are losing fans?! Have you lose you mind?" Harry shouted.

"Let me explain myself," Paul said calmly.

"No I will not..." I harry started, this time I cut him off.

"Harry, listen," I said calmly, maybe Paul might have a valid point, not that I want to break up with Harry.

"Your losing fans, directioners are starting to relise they are never going to date any of you guys," Paul started.

It sounded stupid coming out of someone's mouth, but it all fairness it probably was true, none of the boys were single.

"That's they promblem not mine," Harry mumbled.

"They are beging to relise you are all growing up, getting married, starting a family," Paul carried on.

"Well ask Liam to break up with Amber, they have been together for a shorter period," Harry said in an annoyed tone.

Paul looked at him with a confused look. I decided to stay quiet and just sit there listening.

"Didn't Liam tell you?" Paul asked.

"Tell me what?" Harry asked, still sounding annoyed.

"That Amber is pregnant," Paul said.

"Well that's just terrific," Harry said getting up of the sofa and storming out the room.

Paul looked at me awkardly. I didn't want the boys to lose fans because of me, I could see were he was coming from. But then again if i sided with him Harry would probably break up with me anyway.

"You understand were I'm coming from right?" Paul asked.

I want to yes, but Harry would kill me and I didn't want to break up with him.

I decided to do a Harry, I got up and walked out the room, avoiding eye contact with Paul.

"You think about your carrer Harry," Paul called as I walked towards Harry's bedroom.

"Think about the fans," Paul called, then the front door slamed.

I sat on the edge of Harry's bed and looked at him, his head was stuffed into the pillow.

I didn't know what to do, comfort him? we were in the same situation. Tell himit will be ok? It's either me or his career. He is to kind, he will pick me. I can't let him do that.


Author's note:

I could tell a couple of you could see this coming!

This is the end of Katie and Harry though! Don't worry!

Oh by the way I'm going to have a little competition for baby names:

I need one for:

Zayn and Perrie's child

Elenor and Louis second child

Amber and Liam's child

So please comment if you have any idea's because I'm not really sure at the moment.


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