The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


2. 2

Harry's POV

Me and the boys were touring in Paris for two weeks. I was the most beautiful place I had ever been too, and I was with all my closest friends. Life couldn't get better.
"Come on, lets go get some lunch," Louis said, we all nodded in agreement and followed him. "Wait, I don't know where I'm going, so don't follow me," He laughed.
"How about we go here?" Eleanor said pointing to a cafe next to us.
"Oh," Louis replied, realising he probably couldn't pointed that out. We all sat down and a waitress handed us our menu. I was actually alright at French, so I was ok. Liam was practically fluent in French, Zayn knew a bit more than me. Perrie actually knew loads and El, Louis, Niall, Shayla and Liam's new girlfriend Amber knew a bit. And then there was Katie.
"What you going to have?" I laughed, knowing she couldn't read anything off the menu.
"Um...what's escargots ail..?" She asked. "That's what sounds the most appatissing,"
"Yeah, they are really nice," I chuckled silently to myself. The waitress came back to get our orders. We all ordered and then the waitress looked over at Katie.
"Umm..siv ou plate the escargots ail," Katie struggled.
"Merci Beaucoup," The lady smiled and walked off.
"You seriously having the.." Louos started, but I slapped his arm so he wouldn't finished. I looked at him and he raised his eyebrow. Then nodded getting the message.
"Oh my god, a horse and carriage," Eleanor shouted.
"That's so cool," Amber agreed.
"We so have to go on that later," Perrie smiled.
"A voula!" The waitress said handing us our food. I chuckled as the waitress handed Katie her bowl of food.
"Merci," Katie said and then looked at her food. I burst out laughing as she started to screen. "Harry! Why didn't you tell me that I was ordering snails!" She screamed. I couldn't reply as I was laughing so much. "I hate you Harry Styles!" She screamed.
"Regard es Harry Styles!" A girl shouted.
"Regard es One direction!" Another shouted. Everyone in the cafe was now looking our way. I saw Liam get some euro notes out of his pocket. He placed them on the table before we all started to run. We slowed down, when we were just outside the Eiffel Tower.
"Thanks a lot Katie," I said. "If it wasn't for your screaming we would still be there,"
"If you hadn't told me that snails were nice, I wouldn't off been screaming," She said back.
"OOOOOHHHH!" Louis shouted high fiving Katie. I laughed and we started to walked again.

Authors note:
So well done to mystic girl who won the comp, you are know Liam's girlfriend! Hope you enjoy the new chapter xxx
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