The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


13. 13


authors note:

can I just say now that there is a new way to write movellas and all that and to me this chapter looks really weird, so don't judge. The font is all weird and everything! 



Harrys POV

I scared at her with shock. What should I do? I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and dialled Louis numbered as quickly as I could.

"Katie's passed out!" I screamed down the phone.

"What?" Louis replied.

"What do I do?" I screamed.

"Ok where are you and what happened?" He said calmly. Unfortunately I was anything but calm. 

"At the Eiffel Tower and I turned away and then she was like this," I said, scared at her body, it looked dead.

"ok, check her pulse," Louis I trusted. 

I bent down so I was leaning over her. I moved her hair out the way and put my finger to her neck, I soon found her pulse.

"Ok, she's still breathing," I sighed.

"Good, now we will be there in 5 minutes, don't move," Louis said.

"Ok," I smiled, knowing what a good friend he was. 

I hang up and sat down crossed legged next to Katie. I got a few odd looks, but I ignored them. In what felt like less than a minute I heard someone running up the stairs. Suddenly Louis appeared from the doorway and ran over to Katie. He checked her pulse. Normally I would joke about him not believing me, but I was not in the mood for that today. 

"Ok, lets get her to the hospital," Louis said.

"is she dead?" I asked. I knew she wasn't, I hoped her wasn't. 

"No, she's fine, but she probably hit her head whiskey falling." Louis said.

"when did you become a doctor?" Eleanor asked, appearing out of almost nowhere.

"it's a skill," Louis smirked.

Louis helped lift Katie into my arms, were I held her right and stared down at her peaceful body. 

The hospital, well we didn't actually know were it was...

we call a taxi and asked him to take us there. He nodded and looked at Katie's body, he didn't say anything though. That was quick luckily seeing as I don't think any of our French is good enough to describe it.

we soon arrived at the hospital and the lady tock one look at Katie and sent her to the waiting room. A doctor came out almost straight away and I lay Katie down on on the hospital bed. The doctor, walked to her checking he pulse and putting his head to her check to check she was breathing.

"you friend is ok," He said in a strong American accent. "Although, she may have hit her head badly, no one knows when she will next wake up," He said. "Luckily nothing like this has happened before, if it had it may send her into a coma," He laughed.

"and what happened if something like this had happened before?" I asked, extremely worried.

"oh, did I just make a joke out of something I should have..l?" He asked.

"she has lost her memory before," Louis said.

"oh my god, I'm sorry," The doctor said.

"oh my god, is she okay?" Shayla asked rushing into the hospital room with the others close behind her.

"I don't know doc, is she fine?" Louis asked, obviously a bit annoyed.

"we'll we will have to do some tests and we will know by tomorrow morning," He explained.

i glanced over at Harry, he looked so worried. 


Authors note: (again)

sorry again I know, I will stop annoying you in a minute. Just letting you know that for some odd reason it didn't let me check this chapter though. So there will be loads of spelling mistakes. Sorry!


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