The Next Door Neighbour 3

Katie and Harry seem extremely happy until they hit a bump in their relationship. When something or should I say someone gets in the way of their love, how will they solve their issues?

The beautiful cover is made by: HSxox_


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Katie's POV

"I'm bored," I mumbled as I sat watching 5 idiots talking among themselves on stage. 

"I'm hungry," Michael said, from where he sat next to me.

"Let's go on an outing to get some food them," Calum smiled.

We all nodded in agreement.

"Later losers," I called towards the stage and the five of us left the building.

"Do you know where the nearest cafe is?" Luke asked.

"Nope," Ashton replied.

"We'll find one eventually," I smiled.

*about an hour later*

"So hey guys, we are lost," Ashton giggled whilst talking into he camera off his phone. "We were trying to find food and we have no idea where we are, so if any of you want to rescue us, we would appreciate that very much."

We also kidnapped Harry Styles' girlfriend, so I guess we could just eat her," He giggled again, saying this as I walked into he camera shot.

I glared at him, before he turned the camera off. 

My phone then vibrated with an incoming call from Harry.

"Where you at?" He said down the line.

"I think we are lost," I replied.

"Where are you then?" He questioned.

"Yeah, we are lost," I said.

"Okay, where are you so I can come and get you," He asked.

"I hope you just face palmed then," I giggled.

"Yep," I replied, laughing.

"Well I guess you could keep walking until you see something you recognise," Harry suggested.

"I've never been in Ohio before though," I told him.

"I have!" Calum exclaimed.

"Calum has though," I told Harry.

"We came here like two years ago," Calum nodded.

"You recognise anything round here?" I asked him.

"Nope," He smiled, looking back down at his phone. 

"Well, I guess i will call you if Calum recognises anything," I smiled.

"Okay, bye," Harry said, hanging up. 

We carried on wondering around these country lanes, where we seemed to be.

"None of these lanes have road names on them," Ashton sighed. 

"Let's take a break," Luke said, sitting down on a near by rock. 

I sat down on a rock next to him, as the other's toke a seat on the grass in front of us.

"What now?" I asked.

"We could tweet asking for help?" Ashton suggested.

"Tweeting isn't the answer to everything," Michael sighed.

"We could ask the fans to help us," Ashton asked.

"What so you gonna tweet: hi we are lost if anyone in Ohio lives near some random country lane please come and rescue us," Michael mocked him. 

"If we got the fans to come and look for us, maybe someone will find us and be able to give us directions," Ashton answered.

"I guess it's worth a shot," Calum replied.

"No harm in trying," Luke shrugged.

"Fineee," Michael sighed as he reached for his phone in his back pocket.

We all typed away at our phones and we all tweeted at exactly the same time, just because.

@Ashton5SOS: Hey guys! We are lost, so if you live in Ohio in the more country part, please come and look for us to help! Ly

@Calum5SOS: lost band members and other band members girlfriend in Ohio. Send help

@Luke5SOS: we are lost on Ohio, so if you could rescue us we would love you sososo much! 

@Michael5SOS: we are lost and if you rescue us we could give you harry's girlfriend as a reward i guess

@katiebrown13: me and four idiots are lost and hungry so please come and rescue us and bring food

"There and now we wait," Ashton smiled.

"Quite a lot of people are really worried about us, maybe this wasn't such a good idea," Calum said.

"I think we should keep wondering," Michael said, we all stood up, following a winding lane round about a hundred corners.

"No use," Luke sighed.

"Where are all the houses?" Ashton asked.

"Where are all the people?" I asked.

"I guess if we keep wondering we have to find someone," Michael said as he took the lead with us all following.



Author's note:

IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY! Just thought you would all like to know. IM NOW 15! 


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